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Police remove four children from 'deplorable conditions'

LAWRENCE, Mass. -- Four children were removed from an apartment by Lawrence police, who describe the conditions in the home as "squalor."
Neighbors called in complaints about a loud party at 8 Phillips St., prompting police to investigate.
They found four children sleeping in the disheveled apartment among empty liquor bottles, garbage, and graffiti. Two of them were in a bed with no sheets, and one was on a mattress on the floor. A newborn baby girl was also found in a room strewn with clothes and food on the floor.
When the parents could not be found, police took the children to Lawrence General Hospital.
The Department of Social Services has taken over the case.
A child abuse/neglect complaint has been filed and the city's Department of Inspectional Services has been notified to investigate violations of health and safety codes.
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