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OGDEN -- In his second win on the case, an Ogden lawyer has convinced a federal judge to order Ogden police to release certain psychological records of officers involved in a fatal police shooting.
Family members are suing the department and the three officers involved in the 2006 fatal shooting of a shotgun-brandishing Jesse Turnbow. Earlier this year, Turnbow lawyer Mike Studebaker was successful in motions with the U.S. District Court for Utah in compelling Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner to sit for depositions in the case.
The case is one of five Studebaker has pending against local police agencies in the federal court in Salt Lake City, one on appeal to the U.S. 10th Circuit Court in Denver.
The city's lawyers had resisted the interrogation of Greiner in the Turnbow case on fine-line legal grounds, as they had fought Studebaker's motion to release certain psychological records of the three officers named in the lawsuit.
Last week Magistrate Judge Paul Warner ordered OPD to release records of two of the three officers, calling them relevant to the case and not protected by doctor-patient confidentiality privilege.

That's just wonderful....yet another reason why cops will refuse professional counseling after a traumatic incident; some ambulance chaser will convince a hack judge to violate your confidentiality rights.
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