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FITCHBURG -- A Templeton man driving on Highland Avenue on Saturday morning allegedly beat a pedestrian who complained about his driving, according to Fitchburg Police Capt. Philip Kearns.
Thaddeus Joseph Gertsen, 23, of 15 Meadow Lane, Templeton, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after he got into a fight with a man around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, according to Kearns.
Police are investigating one of Gertsen's passengers, who allegedly pulled out a handgun during the fight, Kearns said.
"We're far from done with this," Kearns said.
Gertsen and two other men were driving on Highland Avenue near the Fitchburg State College campus when a pedestrian yelled at their car for speeding, Kearns said.
Gertsen stopped his car, got out and then started to fight with the pedestrian, Kearns said.
The passenger brandished his handgun in an attempt to stop the fight, but Gertsen and the pedestrian continued to fight, Kearns said.
Police did not reveal any details about the victim.
The man with the gun is licensed to carry a firearm, Kearns said.
Gertsen then got back into the car and went home to Templeton, Kearns said. Fitchburg police officers tracked Gertsen to his home and arrested him, Kearns said. Gertsen was due in Fitchburg District Court on Monday to face one count of assault with a dangerous weapon, but his appearance was canceled and no new date has been set.
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