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Police Officers To Ride School Buses
Bus Drivers Say Motorists Not Stopping

ATTLEBORO, Mass. -- Some children in Attleboro will soon have a police escort to school.

NewsCenter 5's Rhondella Richardson reported that officers will begin riding on their school buses, not because of what goes on inside the bus, but what happens outside.

The bus' flashing yellow lights signal it's slowing down so motorists should prepare to stop but cars are passing right by.

"People just aren't stopping, so we're going to institute a program of putting officers on the buses," Attleboro Police Department Chief Richard Pierce said.

Attleboro police will be riding the school bus beat beginning this week. The Cops on Buses program is a way to better monitor motorists and protect children. Officers will randomly ride various buses for the rest of the school year.

"We just want to remind people it's important to stop for the bus to avoid a child being struck," Pierce said.

"We are really cautious to make sure we don't let them out until it's safe, but when they're boarding it's more dangerous and the younger the kid, the more difficult it is," school bus driver Terri Enegren said.

"A lot of it is just not paying attention. They're trying to beat the red light," Pierce said.

The police officer on the bus will write down the license plate number of a violator and a ticket will be mailed, or if there's a police cruiser in the area, the motorist will be stopped.

"The fine for first offense is $250 up to revoking a license," Pierce said.

Fines aside, the police escort is community police at its finest.

"The kids like it because they can talk to an officer on the bus," Enegren said.

About 12 motorists were ticketed by Cops on Buses last year. Thursday is the day cops board the buses to jumpstart the program again.
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