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This posting is for 3 positions. 1-Boston, 1-West Roxbury, 1-Brockton

VISN 1 -- Delegated Examining Unit (DEU 05B)
Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital
200 Springs Road
Bedford, MA 01730-1198

A Member of the New England Healthcare System


Announcement No.: 4-308-BOS
Position Title: POLICE OFFICER
Pay Plan, Series and Grade: GS-0083-05, 06, OR 07
Starting Salary: GS-05 = $32,908; GS-06 = $36,681; GS-07 = $40,755 PER ANNUM
Opening Date: APRIL 19, 2004
Initial Cut Off: APRIL 28, 2004
Closing Date: MAY 10, 2004
No. Of Positions: 1
Promotion Potential: GS-07
Hours Per Week: 40, rotating shifts, weekends, holidays
Contact for Position Information: JAMES DONAHER AT 508-583-4500 X1193
Relocation Expenses Paid: NO

Actions to fill this position will not be based on discriminatory factors that
are prohibited by law.

This announcement is for a permanent, Career or Career-Conditional, appointment.

The GS-05 and 06 are developmental and will be under close supervision and
guidance until the incumbent becomes proficient in the duties of the position.
The incumbent may be promoted to a higher-level position when all legal,
regulatory, and performance requirements are met. The duties described herein are
at the full performance level.

DESCRIPTION & DUTIES: The primary duties of VA police are the performance of law
enforcement work in the preservation of the peace; the prevention, detection, and
investigation of crimes occurring on VA controlled property; the arrest of
violators; the control of traffic; the provision of assistance for citizens in
emergency situation, including the protection of personnel and civil rights; and
the protection of VA owned or controlled property. The VA police officer assures
compliance with federal, state, county and municipal laws and ordinances as they
pertain to VA property and agency rules and regulations pertaining to law
enforcement work. Duties include providing crowd control and defusing stress;
independently conducting foot and vehicle patrols; issuing traffic citations;
responding to a wide variety of emergencies, including bomb threats and crimes in
progress, disturbances, assaults, etc.; determining the need for and conducting
searches; assessing and controlling crime scenes and investigating crimes;
interrogating suspects; taking statements from witnesses; collecting and
preserving evidence; and performing apprehensions, restraints, and arrests.
He/she also prepares reports; testifies in federal and state court; provides
assistance; and transmits messages and instructions to officers on patrol.

CERTIFICATION/LICENSURE REQUIREMENT: Must have a valid driver's license.

INVESTIGATION OF FITNESS: Applicants must pass a character investigation before
appointment to a position in law enforcement. The purpose of such an
investigation is to secure evidence of the candidate's honesty, integrity,
general character, and loyalty to the US Government.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: 1. VA Police Officers must be able to achieve
and maintain mandatory Firearm Qualification.
2. New VA Police Officers are required to attend a 5-week course at the VA
Law Enforcement Training Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

3. Officers must successfully complete
physical and psychological examinations prior to entering on duty and annually
thereafter as a condition of continued employment.
4. An officer who is convicted of a domestic violence violation can no
longer be authorized to own, be issued, purchase of otherwise have possession of
a handgun under the Lautenberg Amendment (P L 104-208) to the Gun Control Act of
1968 (18 USC 922).

QUALIFICATIONS: Grade levels GS-05 and GS-06 both require 1 year of active police
work that provided knowledge of a body of basic laws and regulations, law
enforcement operations, practices and techniques and involved responsibility for
maintaining order and protecting life and property. The depth of experience and
degree of supervision determine the level of eligibility. Creditable specialized
experience may have been gained in work on a police force, through service as a
military police officer; in work providing visitor protection and law enforcement
in parks, forests, or other natural resource or recreational environments; in
performing criminal investigative duties; or in other work that provided the
required knowledge and skills. At the GS-05 level this work would have been at
the rookie level under close supervision and at the GS-06 level the work would
have been independent and under general supervision. The experience at the GS-06
level must have included REGULARLY and actually pursuing and/or independently
apprehending persons fleeing a crime scene or attempting to resist arrest,
actually subduing individuals causing disturbances, arresting violators based on
eyewitness accounts, performing control desk duties, taking charge of a crime or
accident scene and conducting long and short range investigations. At the GS-05
level the experience would have been as assisting the officer pursuing and
apprehending persons involved in a crime scene or attempting to resist arrest. At
this level the experience would have been assisting at an accident or crime scene
rather than in taking charge and running a crime scene.

The experience at the GS-07 level must be the equivalent of regular, medium to
large, city police work with responsibilities for the whole range of police
duties. It must include actually pursuing and/or independently apprehending
persons fleeing a crime scene on a recurring basis or attempting to resist
arrest; identifying and overcoming life threatening situations such as natural or
man made disasters, hostage, barrier, terrorist attack, kidnap, or felony
assault; actually subduing individuals causing disturbances, arresting violators
based on eyewitness accounts; performing control desk duties; and taking charge
of a crime or accident scene, all on a REGULAR and RECURRING basis. PRIVATE

Applicants may not have a police record.

Applicants must state the hours per week worked and starting and ending date
(month and year) for all qualifying experience.

You must demonstrate that you have the qualifications for the position by
describing the duties you have regularly performed and the degree of independence
you had while performing them.

If your qualifying experience is only part of your job you must show the actual
time, such as number of hours a week or percent of the position, that you spent
in doing the qualifying activities in order to receive proper credit. Credit will
be given for appropriate unpaid experience or volunteer work. Part time
experience will be prorated in calculating the amount of qualifying experience.

The required amount of experience will not in itself be accepted as proof of
qualification for this position. Your application must clearly describe and
demonstrate that you have the ability to perform the duties of the position. The
primary consideration is the scope, depth, and responsibility level of

All requirements must be met by the closing date.

SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION: 4 years of education, in an accredited institution,
leading to a Bachelor's Degree in Police Science or a comparable degree program
related to the work of this position can be substituted for the experience
required at the GS-05 level.

There is no substitute of education for experience at the GS-06 and GS-07 levels

Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the
above requirements if you can show that the foreign education is comparable to
that received in an accredited educational institution in the United States.
Educational credential evaluators can be found on the National Association of
Credential Evaluation Services website, It is your responsibility
to provide such evidence when applying.

If you want to use your education to qualify for this position you must submit
copies of your transcripts, including the transcript key, so that the type and
level of course work and the relevance to the position can be determined. If the
transcript does is not illustrative of courses content also include a copy of the
course catalog showing the description of the applicable courses. It is your
responsibility to provide such evidence when applying. Education can be combined
with experience to qualify for this position but only education beyond the first
60 semester hours can be used as a substitute for experience at the GS-05 level.

MEDICAL/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The candidate must be able to do the work of the
position without harm to self or others. The duties of this position require
moderate to arduous physical exertion and/or duties of a hazardous nature. The
following medical requirements apply to all applicants: good near and distant
vision, ability to distinguish basic colors, and ability to hear the
conversational voice without the use of a hearing aid; and possess complete and
functional limbs to be able to withstand long periods of standing and walking.
Applicants and employees must possess emotional and mental stability and the
medical examination will include a psychological assessment to verify this
stability. Applicants must also demonstrate that they are medically qualified to
operate the appropriate law enforcement motor vehicle safely. Employees must
demonstrate a level of physical fitness annually.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: If you are appointed to a direct patient-care
position, you must be proficient in spoken and written English as required by 38
USC 4104(c).

VETERANS PREFERENCE: A 5-pt. preference is granted to veterans who entered the
military service prior to October 14, 1976 or who served between August 2, 1990
through January 2, 1992 or who have served in a military action for which they
received a Campaign Badge or Expeditionary Medal. Military retirees may have
other conditions. However, you may be entitled to a 10-pt veteran's preference if
you are a disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient; or if you are the widow,
widower, or mother of a deceased veteran. You will need to submit a Standard Form
(SF) 15 and proof of your claim.

BASIS OF RATING: The information you provide on your application/resume
determines if you meet the minimum qualifications for this position. The
experience on your application/resume, and/or educational documentation, should
support the qualifying requirements of the position. If basically qualified, you
will be rated and ranked based on your answers to the questions in the
Supplemental Questionnaire. It is important that your application or resume
contains sufficient information to support the experience and education that you
claim in the Questionnaire. If you do not provide sufficient information you will
be rated ineligible.

Items found in the DEU's Supplemental Questionnaire examine the following
knowledge, skills and abilities that are required to successfully perform the
duties of the position:
1. Thorough knowledge of law enforcement principles, operations and
techniques and the skill, including arrest techniques, to carry them out.
2. Knowledge of federal, state county, and municipal laws, and the ability
to learn VA rules and regulations and the application of them in support of the
mission of the VA.
3. Skill in using police equipment.
4. Skill in overcoming life threatening situations such as hostage,
barrier, terrorist attack, kidnap or felony assault.
5. Skill in dealing with a variety of individuals from different
backgrounds and varying levels of understanding face-to-face in hostile and
unpleasant situations and also orally and in writing.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants who meet the qualification requirements may elect to use
any written form but the form selected must contain all the information required
in OF 510, Applying for a Federal Job (included in our application package).
Incomplete applications may not be considered. Resumes not submitted with all the
information specified in the OF 510 cannot be processed and the application may
not be considered. Your options include Resume or OF 612, Optional Application
for Federal Employment. Select one method, do not use both a resume and an OF
612. Do not say, "See Resume," on your OF 612. If both OF 612 and resume are
submitted the OF 612 will be considered the application and the resume will be

It is the applicant's responsibility to demonstrate within their application,
that they have the applicable experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and/or
educational provisions described above.

In order to be rated and ranked with other candidates you must fully complete and
submit the following forms with your application:
1. The Supplemental Questionnaire: NOTE: The Supplemental Questionnaire is unique
to this position and to this DEU. Unlike some application processes you should
not address the knowledge, skills and abilities directly. You must use the
Supplemental Questionnaire corresponding to this announcement in order to be
ranked with other candidates.
2. OF 306, Declaration for Federal Employment which includes Certification of
Selective Service Registration (January 2001 version or later);
3. SF-15 and required documentation if claiming 10-point veterans preference,
official preference statements do NOT mention the type of disability and can be
obtained by calling 1-800-827-1000;
4. DD-214 (MUST have Member Copy #4 for July 1979 and later editions), if
claiming veterans preference;
5. Copy of your official transcripts and a transcript key, if you want to
substitute your education for the experience required for this position.

Incomplete applications packages will NOT be processed and will NOT be returned.
Do NOT attach any additional forms such as cover letters, letters of
recommendation, certificates of training, etc. Any additional material submitted
but not requested will be destroyed.

Applicants who are eligible for special priority consideration and selection
under the Agency Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) or the Federal
Government-Wide Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) must be
well qualified for the position to receive consideration for special priority
selection. CTAP and ICTAP eligibles will be considered well qualified if they
score at least midway between basic eligibility and the highest possible score in
the application process.

Federal employees seeking CTAP/ICTAP eligibility must submit proof that they meet
the requirements of 5 CFR 330.605 (a) for CTAP and 5 CFR 330.704 for ICTAP. This
includes a copy of the agency notice, a copy of their most recent Performance
Rating and a copy of their most recent SF-50 noting current position, grade level
and duty location. Please annotate your application to reflect that you are
applying as a CTAP or ICTAP eligible.

This is in accordance with 18 USC 1719 and USC 3201 which state that the use of
postage paid government envelopes for filing job applications is a violation of
federal law and regulations.

obtained by calling the individual named in the "Contact for Information" on the
first page of this announcement, or through the USA Jobs by Phone at
478-757-3000. If you want material faxed to you, or need information on the
application process, call this DEU at 781-687-2313 or fax the request to us at

FILING DEADLINE: If there is an Initial Cut Off Date then complete application
packages received by the initial cut-off date will be processed and referred
first. Applications received after that date may be processed in the order of
date received or may not be processed, depending on hiring needs.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the application package is
RECEIVED in this office, by FAX or mail, not later than the closing date of this
announcement. Remember to allow time for your package to go through a mail room
before reaching this office by the closing date.

NOTE: As a condition of employment, selectee will be required to participate in
the Direct Deposit/Electronic Fund Transfer of Pay Program. Selectee's employment
may be subject to passing a physical that will be arranged and paid for by the
VA. This position may be subject to random drug testing. Applicants who refuse to
be tested will be denied employment with the VA. This agency provides reasonable
accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable
accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify
the agency. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be made on a
case-by-case basis.

SUBMIT FORMS TO: Delegated Examining Unit (05B) or FAX to 781-687-2335
Announcement # 4-308-BOS
200 Springs Road
Bedford, MA 01730
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