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"I can make a difference."
"I am willing to make New Orleans my home, and a better place to live."
"I want to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem."
"I am courageous, intelligent, and articulate."
"I am willing to meet the challenge of fighting crime in my community."

The City of New Orleans Police Department is currently accepting applications for Police Recruit which is the trainee-level position for career police work with the New Orleans Police Department. Individuals appointed to this classification will attend training classes, lectures and seminars, as well as receive training in the physical aspects of police work. Upon completion of all phases of Police Recruit training, candidates will be appointed to the classification of Police Officer I and will be enforcing laws and preserving order. They will serve a one year probationary period.

Apply Now


Position Annual Salary With Benefits *
Police Recruit $27,825 $27,825
Police Officer I $29,978 $35,274
Police Officer II $31,505 $36,801
Police Officer III $33,111 $38,407
Police Officer IV $34,797 $40,093
Police Sergeant $38,433 $43,729
Police Lieutenant $41,407 $46,703
Police Captain $48,665 $53,961
Police Major $53,086 $58,382

* Benefits include uniform allowance, state supplemental pay, and millage pay.
P.O. I includes 2 1/2% longevity after one year.
P.O. IV includes an additional 2 1/2% longevity after five years.
Additional longevity paid for each five years of consecutive service.


Up to 21 college credits at participating colleges and universities upon completion of Police Academy
32 weeks state certified law enforcement training
Group health, dental and vision insurance
Free / reduced college tuition programs
Excellent retirement plan:
25 years of service - fully vested - 83%
30 years of service - 100%
Job advancement and security
Paid vacation and sick leave

The New Orleans Police Foundation sponsors a bonus program to assist the New Orleans Police Department in its efforts to recruit and hire the best possible candidates for the department.

There are two types of bonuses available to police officers associated with the recruitment process.

$500 Bonus

The first type of bonus, in the amount of $500, is available to current police officers that bring in a potential recruit. The officer must bring a potential recruit to the Police Foundation, 400 Poydras, Suite 2105 , in person in order to qualify for the bonus. At the Foundation, both the officer and recruit must sign a bonus form, verified by the Director of Recruiting. The officer will keep a copy of this bonus form to use as a receipt. That receipt will be used to collect the bonus once the recruit has graduated from the police academy.

$5,000 Bonus

The second type of bonus, in the amount of $5,000, is available to "lateral transfers." A lateral transfer is a police officer from another parish or state who is already trained and state certified. The bonus is paid to officers in two increments -- $3,000 upon enrollment in the police academy (or mini academy) and $2,000 upon certification of completion of field training.

First check our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us:

New Orleans Police Foundation
Elodia Blanco, Recruiting Coordinator
400 Poydras St., Suite 2105
New Orleans, La. 70130
1-877-JOIN-NOPD (1-877-564-6667)

Copyright © 2004 New Orleans Police Foundation
400 Poydras St., Suite 2105
New Orleans, La. 70130
1-877-JOIN-NOPD (1-877-564-6667)
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