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Police Officer (Lateral, Out of State) - Mesa, AZ

Position Type
Position TitlePolice Officer
Police Officer (Lateral, Out of State)Requirements/Overview
Education and Experience:
An applicant must have a minimum of two years of full time experiance as a certified peace officer in another state during the past three years, with at least one year spent on patrol assignment. This would not include training or administrative assignments, and no more than a four month break between employment as a peace officer and submiting the application. Special Requirement:
Successful completion of an extensive background investigation and polygraph is required.

Additional Information
A Police Officer - Lateral performs general duty police work or specialized police work in the protection of life and property. In carrying out the responsibilities of a peace officer, a Police Officer - Lateral interacts with a culturally and socially diverse population; employs discretion in solving problems; maintains public order; prevents crime; enforces laws and ordinances; conducts investigations; makes arrests; issues summonses/citations, and warnings; assists the public; and may perform administrative support tasks. Work normally consists of routine patrol, preliminary investigations, and traffic control duties in a designated area on an assigned shift. The employee's primary responsibility is to respond to Public Safety calls for service. An Out-of-State Police Officer - Lateral is an experienced peace officer who is hired at the Police Officer Recruit starting salary while studying for and taking the waiver exams for Arizona certification. Upon successful completion of the waiver exams, the position will be criteria-based promoted to the position of Police Officer Lateral with a salary of $45,843 annually. Lateral hires are not required to attend the Mesa Police Recruit Officer Academy. Upon promotion, Lateral Officers are assigned to field training and must successfully complete the program. The length of training will be dependent on the Lateral Officer's performance as determined by the police training staff. A Police Officer - Lateral is subject to working various hours, weekends, and holidays, and is expected to comply with scheduled working hours in order to perform required duties. Work requires occasional physical exertion under adverse circumstances. This class is FLSA nonexempt.

$ 45,843 - $58,926
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