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Police Release Few Details

BOSTON -- A suspect was killed by a police officer after a chase early Sunday morning, Yarmouth police said.

Yarmouth police released few details, but said the officer attempted to pull over a car on Harbor Road in West Yarmouth just after 1 a.m.

"The operator of the vehicle failed to stop, which resulted in a pursuit that lasted approximately 90 seconds and resulted in an officer-involved shooting," Commander Steven Xiarhos said in a statement
The suspect was pronounced dead at Cape Cod Hospital. Police did not immediately release his or her name.

The incident was under investigation by the Barnstable County District Attorney's Office.

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Victim, Officer Identified In Deadly Cape Shooting

Andre Martins with the mother of his two children.

YARMOUTH (WBZ) ― Investigators say the driver shot and killed by a Yarmouth police officer refused to pull over for a traffic stop, then tried to drive toward the officer.

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said Monday that Andre Martins, 25, a Brazilian immigrant whose last known address was in Hyannis, died of a single gunshot wound to the heart and lung. The officer was identified as Christopher Van Ness, 34.

O'Keefe claims Van Ness tried to pull Martins over at 1:10 a.m. Sunday for speeding. Martins sped up, before making a U-turn and heading toward Van Ness' cruiser. Van Ness then shot Martins.

A witness says the 25-year-old mother of Martins' two children jumped out of the car, screaming. Prosecutors say she is cooperating with investigators.

O'Keefe says Martins was apparently smoking marijuana during the incident.

DA: Man Shot By Officer Sped Toward Cruiser

Girlfriend Was In Car

YARMOUTH, Mass -- The man shot and killed by a Yarmouth police officer refused to pull over and tried to drive toward the officer, Cape Cod authorities said Monday.

DA Discusses Fatal Police Shooting

Police said Andre Martins, 25, refused to stop for an officer, who then fired three shots.
"The deceased died of a single, perforating gunshot wound that impacted his lung and heart," Cape and Island District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said.

O'Keefe said Martins and his girlfriend, Camilla Campos, were being observed by Officer Christopher Van Ness when they suddenly took off.

"He observed the car speed up to an extremely high rate of speed -- some witnesses estimated 80 to 90 mph on this small street," O'Keefe said.

A witness said the 25-year-old mother of Martins' two children jumped out of the car, screaming. Prosecutors said she is cooperating with investigators.

"I heard screaming from a young lady and screeching of tires coming from down the road and then I heard a big smash, glass, you know? And then someone screaming and then I hear 'bang, bang, bang,'" witness Sarah Dean said.

All the shots were reportedly fired by Van Ness as he stood outside his cruiser.

"When, precisely, in that sequence of events that occurred is still the subject of the investigation," O'Keefe said.

O'Keefe said Martins was apparently smoking marijuana during the incident.

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Police killing of immigrant challenged

Friend speaks out; DA investigating

By John R. Ellement and Michael Levenson

Globe Staff / July 29, 2008

YARMOUTH - As outraged family members denounced the use of deadly force and as fear reverberated through Cape Cod's Brazilian community, investigators reviewed yesterday the frantic moments of an early-morning traffic stop, trying to determine whether a Yarmouth police officer was justified in killing an undocumented house painter from Brazil.
Andre L. Martins, 25, was killed by a single gunshot to the heart and lungs after fleeing Officer Christopher Van Ness at about 1 a.m. Sunday, according to Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael D. O'Keefe. Van Ness opened fire after Martins, his car apparently boxed in on a neighborhood lawn, rammed the cruiser in an attempt to flee, O'Keefe said.
With new details yesterday came even more questions, and authorities said they needed time to untangle the events and cautioned against quick judgments.
"We don't jump to conclusions," O'Keefe said in a telephone interview. "We have an investigation, and we allow that investigation to be completed."
Camila Campos, Martins's girlfriend and the mother of his 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, was in the passenger seat at the time of the shooting and was not harmed, O'Keefe said.
Campos, 25, said she avoided being shot by ducking in the car. She told the Brazilian newspaper Folha Online yesterday: "The police officer who blocked the street got out of the car, appeared in the open window, and started to shoot." He fired three times, she said.
Campos consulted a lawyer yesterday and said she would take legal action.
"He didn't have any time to defend himself," she told Folha Online. "The officer who shot at Andre acted wrongly. He should have shot at the tires."
Last night at her home in Yarmouth, Campos held up the couple's 2-year-old boy and said, "See what they took away. My son didn't deserve to have his father taken away."
Van Ness, 34, a three-year veteran of the Police Department who previously served in the Harwich Police Department, was placed on administrative leave with pay yesterday. O'Keefe said Van Ness was an "exemplary officer" who was upset about the tragedy.
Martins's father, Luiz Carlos de Castro Martins, a reserve police officer in Brazil, told Folha that his son may have been afraid to stop because he was not in the United States legally. Court records indicate that Martins's work visa had expired, although O'Keefe declined to comment on Martins's immigration status.
"They have to think before they act, to be more cautious," de Castro Martins said. "I know that the situation is difficult, but you can't simply shoot at someone."
One of Martins's friends, Alex Kovalski, said he had talked to Martins Friday after the Yarmouth man was arrested by Barnstable police on charges of driving without a license and driving to endanger. According to court records, officers on bicycles had spotted Martins driving recklessly through heavy traffic and causing several cars to brake suddenly.

Kovalski said Martins was terrified of being arrested again and deported to Brazil.

"He was so afraid," he said. "He was so scared of getting taken away."
Registry records show that Martins was not licensed to drive in Massachusetts. His application was denied in 2005 because he had problems with his driving record in New York, including driving while uninsured and failing to report for a hearing.
Barnstable court records show that Martins had three criminal cases scheduled to go to court next month. In July 2007, he was charged with threatening to commit murder, operating a motor vehicle without a license, and leaving the scene of an auto accident.
Those charges were filed after police said Martins rammed Campos's car in a bank parking lot and drove off. At the time, Campos told police that Martins had recently broken off their relationship and called her on her cellphone, threatening to kill her.
"I know I was wrong," Martins later told Yarmouth police, according to court records. "I shouldn't have done it. I just got so mad when I saw my girlfriend in the mall with another guy, I hit her car. I shouldn't have hit it, but I was so mad, I just hit it hard."
In June, Yarmouth police said they stopped Martins for running a red light. During the stop, Martins gave the officer a Brazilian driver's license and was arrested on a charge of operating with a suspended license.
Sunday's chase began when Van Ness saw a dark car allegedly speeding from the Bayview Beach parking lot near the Yarmouth/Hyannis line. Van Ness pursued the car, catching up with Martins's black Lincoln Continental on Harbor Road, O'Keefe said.
Van Ness drove behind the Lincoln, which sped off, reaching speeds that witnesses later estimated at 80 to 90 miles per hour, O'Keefe said.
Van Ness turned on his flashing blue lights as Martins turned onto Baxter Avenue and allegedly headed toward several police cruisers parked at the end of the street that were blocking the entrance to Route 28.
He turned left into a yard, attempted to make a U-turn, and struck Van Ness's cruiser, O'Keefe said. It was not clear whether Van Ness was inside, O'Keefe added.
At some point in the encounter, Van Ness got out of his cruiser and fired multiple shots, killing Martins. Paramedics found a marijuana cigarette in Martins's mouth, O'Keefe said. Police did not find any firearms in his car.
Martins's friends described him as a doting father.
"He was a great guy, very nice and very dedicated to his kids," said Cristina Rivera, a former neighbor. "He had a dirt bike and would take his kids on rides around the yard. And when the kids had birthdays, he would throw these huge parties."
Yesterday at Intercontinental, a Brazilian market in Hyannis, a flier on the door demanded justice for Martins. Campos had stopped by the store earlier, weeping and asking for help, and the owner was collecting money to send Martins's body to Brazil for burial.
Fausto da Rocha, executive director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center in Allston, said many immigrants are worried that Van Ness will not be held accountable because Martins was an illegal immigrant.
"A lot of people in the community are upset and sad for what happened because these people came to the United States trying to build a better life," da Rocha said yesterday. "Now, more and more people are going to be afraid when the police stop them, that they can be shot."

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- It's difficult to speak to the ignorance displayed by friends of the 'undocumented house painter from Brazil'. I will set that aside though, and plant unwavering support firmly behind Officer Van Ness.

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I dont give a fuck if you are from Brazil, Columbia, Spain, England, Canada, Russia or the United States. If you fail to stop for a police officer and then ram a cruiser and start driving towards an officer on foot you are going to get shot. These news stories are fucking pathetic. I realize the reporters and the friends of the scumbag (ya, he's no victim -- the officer is the victim) dont have a clue what it is like having some lunatic about to run you over but GET A FUCKING CLUE.

I'd personally like to thank the Brazilian "leaders" who instead of calming the Brazilian community down and letting them know he was killed because he threatened a police officer have fanned the flames and made the Brazilians worried that we are going to shoot them.

Well, "Fausto da Rocha, executive director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center in Allston" you fucking douchebag, the officer should not be punished because he protected his life and his fellow officers and the public's lives.

As far as him being an illegal immigrant, that is just the icing on the cake.
I'm sorry for the language in this post but I cannot express how much I hate the news reports and the threats of legal action against the officer and the department.

Officer Van Ness, stand tall. Every police officer knows you did what you needed to do and we all sympathize. You did everything you could do to avoid this but you are going home to your family safe and sound.

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A lot of people in the community are upset and sad for what happened because these people came to the United States trying to build a better life," da Rocha said yesterday. "Now, more and more people are going to be afraid when the police stop them, that they can be shot." LOL..that quote is laughable because I'm sure the Brazilian Police are a great group of highly trained non corrupt people..Brazil is one of the most dangerous places to be. If people are so afraid to be here then maybe then can be scared enough into going through the actual proper channels to be here instead of milking my tax dollars...

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My sentiments exactly! There are over 1000 posts regarding this topic on the Cape Cod Times forum sites. There are some really liberal whackos out there, and they are not all illegal aliens, they are just cop haters. The liberal news outlets keep firing everyone up with speculation, accusations, and pure garbage. Alot can and will happen in 90 seconds, but everyone has their own opinions and false accusations, as to what actually did. His gf is no saint, thats for sure. Just a permanent restraining order on this guy 2 weeks ago for abuse, but he is a "great guy." Thats why she was screaming at him to slow down and stop because he is such a good guy. He brought this on himself, and only has himself to blame. Now, every Monday morning quarterback in the world is coming out and throwing fuel on the fire.
Chris, God Bless and keep up the good work. We are all behind you. K5D4 !!

Share this to Support Yarmouth Officer Van Ness

One officer's view…

By Jill Wragg
[email protected]

In a tragic course of events, in the dark hours of Sunday morning, a man died at another man's hands, in our little town of Yarmouth Massachusetts.

I am sorry that Andre Martins had to be killed. I would be more sorry if Martins had killed Officer Van Ness.

The two could have met under different circumstances that very same night. Martins and his girlfriend could have been injured when their car was rammed by another motorist who didn't care about following the rules of the road, who didn't care about injuring other people. Officer Van Ness would have been there to provide life saving first aid or CPR. Or Martins could have been the victim of a crime, attacked by another man or threatened by someone racing a car at him. Officer Van Ness was on duty, waiting to respond without hesitation and ready to risk his life to protect Martins' life.

Instead, they came together when Martins threatened the lives of his girlfriend and countless innocent civilians by careening through a quiet neighborhood at the wheel of a 3000 lb steel weapon.

In this unfortunate scenario, Officer Van Ness was there to protect that quiet neighborhood, to prevent Martins' heavy Lincoln from catapulting through the wall of a home where children were sleeping in their princess and race car beds, or where you were sitting watching TV in your living room with your feet up. Officer Van Ness was there to stop Martins from continuing a rampage through town, perhaps even hurtling through the neighborhood where Martins' own children lay sleeping. And Officer Van Ness was there when the decision to use deadly force had to be made. Everyone else was home safe in bed, home safe in bed because Van Ness was there.

Van Ness and his colleagues were awake at that hour of the morning to protect us. They work throughout the night while we sleep, ready to rush to our aid if we need them, on the hunt for anyone who might be lurking in the dark intending to do us harm. They work Christmas, Thanksgiving, on their religious holidays and during their kids' birthday parties. Yes, they chose the job. They chose the job that you rejected in order to stay home watching TV in your living room with your feet up. They stepped up to the plate to stand between good and evil. They took a side in a fight that's getting ever more difficult. The people who didn't have the conviction to take a side seem to be the ones who complain the most. The people who fear the dark are the first to judge those who defy it. The people who have never had three quarters of a second to make a life or death decision are the first to complain that they'd have handled it differently.

Reports from his friends say that Martins was a "good" man. Perhaps he was. Or perhaps we now live in a world where "good" can describe Martins' lifestyle and his actions that night. My definition, the "old fashioned" definition, of "good" defines Van Ness, his lifestyle and his actions that night.

In a perfect world, Martins' and Van Ness' children might have played together at a Yarmouth playground under the watch of two young fathers who adored their kids and who worked hard to provide the best life for their families. In this imperfect world, Martins forced Van Ness to take an action that no cop wants to take. One young family has lost its father. Another young family, a family with small children who routinely watch Daddy walk out of the house to confront and take down the evils of society, got its father back.

Van Ness did his job that night, and he did it correctly, right down to the part where he went home alive.

Jill Wragg is a retired Yarmouth Police Officer.
Her views do not represent the views of the police department or its staff


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Illegal actions, not status, got Cape immigrant killed

By Howie Carr

Memo to the illegal-alien community:

That presumably doped-up Brazilian with the criminal rap sheet as long as your arm was not shot by a Yarmouth policeman because he was in this country illegally. Andre Martins was killed after he rammed a police car in an attempt to avoid being arrested.

You can't blame this one on the traditional excuse of a "language barrier." Ramming a police car is what you call a global language. In any tongue, it means the same - I'm willing to kill you to escape.

The fliers were out on Cape Cod yesterday demanding "justice" for the alien. Of course it's not his fault, because it never is. He was only trying to ram their patrol car.

You would think Andre's girlfriend - I'm surprised she's not calling herself his fiance yet - would get what it's like to be rammed by a car. After all, her now deceased boyfriend last year rammed the woman, Camila Campos, after calling her cell phone and threatening to kill her.

"Andre was not a criminal," she told the Cape Cod Times. Although of course there were those three charges he was due in court on next month - threatening to commit murder, operating a motor vehicle without a license and leaving the scene.

"He helped me in everything he could," his galpal said.

Yes, you know what George Bush says about illegal aliens. They're only doing the jobs Americans won't do. In Yarmouth, they've changed the president's words around a bit. They say the illegals are only ramming the police cruisers Americans won't ram.

"Someone just took his life like that."

Listen, Camila, how many times do I have to tell you? Your illegal boytoy got iced because he rammed a police cruiser. He refused to stop when he saw the blue lights, he was doing up to 90 miles an hour in the chase, and when they pulled him out of the car, he still had a marijuana joint dangling from his lips. Remember that this fall when the Cheech & Chong brigade tells you to vote yes on Question 2 because no one high on pot ever tried to hurt anyone else.

"Shooting at someone because they are an immigrant is not a reason to kill someone."

This is what happens when the laws aren't enforced for some people, namely, illegal aliens like Andre. He got away with so much for so long that he just assumed that the old song from West Side Story was right. Everything free in America. Including ramming a police car.

A couple of weeks ago Barack Obama pandered to some Hispanic lobbying group by calling immigration raids "vigilanteism." Interesting idea - that law-enforcement agents enforcing the law is, per se, vigilanteism. When an American citizen is arrested, it's not called vigilanteism. It's called "law and order."

"We are all made of skin and bone whether we are from Brazil or America or some other part of the country."

Another mistake, Camila. Brazil is not part of the United States. Andre had no business being here. He was a one-man crime wave, not to mention fathering children out of wedlock, who will now grow up on - well, back to Camila.

"One is a special-needs child. I take him month to month to Children's Hospital, and he's only 2 years old. . . . Leticia was very close to her father. I am in the process of contacting a counselor, someone who can help her understand."

Sounds very expensive, but I'm sure Andre's insurance - oh wait, let me guess. He didn't have any insurance. The taxpayers, of which I very much doubt he was one, are now on the hook for the offspring of his wonderful adventure here in the land of the free.

"He did not do anything to deserve this."

And what exactly did the American people - the citizens - do to deserve this?

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DA: Yarmouth police shooting justified

BARNSTABLE - An investigation by the Cape and Islands District Attorney's office has determined that a Yarmouth police officer who shot and killed a man driving toward him was justified in using his weapon.
District Attorney Michael O'Keefe says the case is now closed.
Officer Christopher Van Ness shot 25-year-old Andre Luiz de Castro Martins after a brief car chase early on the morning of July 27.
Martins had sped away after Van Ness tried to pull him over.
The investigation determined that Van Ness had an "apprehension of great bodily harm" when Martins accelerated his car toward the officer, who had gotten out of his cruiser.
Martins' girlfriend, Camila Campos, was also in the car but was unhurt.
On the Web: Cape and Islands District Attorney's office, http:/

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There are BRAZILLIANS in Massachusetts? Wow.

I thank God none of the cops were killed, that's about it. Sad it had to happen, but bottom line, Mr. de Castro Martins caused it, made it happen, brought it about and was directly responsible.

Now if only the courts will recognize these basic facts when the frivolous law suit occurs, as it no doubt will.

"We loved Andre and will miss him SO much, but the money he will bring is SO WONDERFUL! Oh wait, it's not for US, it's to make a point and make those responsible pay...and pay they will, for MY NEW CADILLAC!"

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