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Police Officer-Holy Cross

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Job Description:
Perform a variety of duties to provide protection to the college community members and property, enforce all Local, State, and Federal laws, rules and regulations as well as perform other related duties following standard practices and procedures. Must be able to work as a team member to incorporate community policing in a customer service atmosphere within the on-campus college community.

Previous experience in security/law enforcement, preferably in a college or university environment. Special State Police Officer Academy or approved equivalent certification required. Capable of meeting the requirements for appointment as a Special State Police Officer. Mass driver's license and certification in CPR and First Responder training preferred. Must posess or have the ability to obtain a Massachusetts Class A large capacity LTC (License To Carry). Must satisfactorily pass a physical exam as well as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, Rotter Sentence Completion and Beck Depression Inventory tests. Full-time. Varied hours/work days.
HOURS: Varied Shifts (40hrs/52wks)
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If your seriously asking.....Psych test MMPI, if your not.....well shit

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