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Police officer holding potentially conflicting side jobs

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Springfield cop, ex-city worker arrested in real estate scam
January 14, 2004

(Springfield-AP) -- A Springfield police officer and a former Springfield employee have been arrested in connection with a real estate scheme.

Federal investigators say it was uncovered during public corruption probes.

A federal indictment unsealed today (Wednesday) charges Chester Ardolino and Michael Hutchison with money laundering and wire fraud.

Prosecutors say Ardolino, a Springfield police officer, conspired with Hutchison to use a ``straw purchaser'' to buy a house in 1999. According to the indictment, they defrauded a mortgage company for a loan to purchase the property.

Ardolino is the owner of the Pour House on Worthington Street and is the brother of former mayoral chief of staff Anthony M. Ardolino, who has been a subject of a public corruption probe for almost four years.

Anthony Ardolino, who was the top aide to former Mayor Michael J. Albano, has not been charged with any crime. His home was raided last year by federal investigators seeking evidence of tax evasion.

The city's police commission plans to hold a hearing next week on whether to take any action against Ardolino.

Anderson and Hutchison's lawyers say their clients deny the charges and will plead innocent when they are arraigned later this month

This story is hot topic in this area. What do you think about an officer holding down a side job in an area that has a higher risk of conflict or abuse than another type job (ie bar owner, car dealer, real estate vs coach, umpire, carpenter, Amway, etc)??
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