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Police officer, bystander shot, killed in Weymouth; suspect in custody

Discussion in 'Line of Duty Death News' started by kwflatbed, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. LA Copper

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    Another sad loss and the Thin Blue Line is a little less strong. Another example that bad things can happen in the big city and the not so big city.

    May Mike rest in peace and may his personal family and his police family take solace in knowing he was doing what he loved and is now watching down on them from Heaven.

    My department has lost 35 officers in the line of duty since I've been on the job and I can tell you.... it doesn't get any easier. Stay safe out there my brothers and sisters. Take care of each other because we are all we have at this point
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    Sadly I don't picture that happening any time soon, if ever. There was just a story on Ch. 25 about a group of kids who broke into and destroyed Lynn English High School. Only ONE can be charged under the new state law because he's 13. With a new law saying ANY KID 12 or under cannot be charged with a crime, the legislature is slipping FARTHER from getting tough. Just think, now gangs can recruit 12 year olds to kill rivals and these kids CANNOT BE CHARGED!
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  5. Kilvinsky

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    On a note I wish I had mentioned earlier, as I watched the scene from the court room in Quincy District Court, seeing all those Weymouth cops and Troopers silently staring straight ahead as that filth was brought into the courtroom, I was incredibly impressed, not only by their presence, but by their discipline. They sat stoically and quietly making their presence felt. Nothing was said, nothing HAD to be said. I was moved by the scene and I bless each and every one of them, both those who attended and those who couldn't, or simply couldn't fit in the courtroom.
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  7. Kilvinsky

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    Many thanks to the following departments who brought out their food trucks again to feed the officers who attended the funeral: Boston Police Detectives, Boston Police Patrolmans Union, Mass Fraternal Order of Police, NY/NJ Port Authority, NJ State Police, Boston Sparks, MWRA Water truck. Also Dunkin Donuts, Marylou's coffee had tents set up. I also saw other tents set up but couldn't see what private organizations they were with. Thank you for providing us with a lunch and cold drink. Many thanks to the BPD retired detectives who I spoke to. They volunteered their time and skills and one guy was 70 years old working on a hot grill. It meant a lot. True brother/sisterhood! Also I thanked the DPW guys from different towns who were picking up trash and keeping the Hanover Mall clean. Very organized....we are getting too good at this. I pray these trucks and volunteers sit idle forever.
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    They did a great job with it, very hot especially in A’s, and everyone had plenty of food and water to keep everyone upright.
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  11. Kilvinsky

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    Though probably none will read this, I have to add a thank you to all those who live on Hanover Street (139) who put up with us all over their lawns seeking shade, who tireless walked up and down offering cold water and who helped when a few just became overwhelmed with the heat. I'm shocked I wasn't one of them. One wonderful woman walked along with her 2-4 year old son offering chocolate chip cookies. It was very sweet (as were the cookies). And of course, we have to acknowledge that, for several hours, those folks were TRAPPED in their homes and yards and had no hope of leaving by car, though obviously, in an emergency, they'd be given free passage, but otherwise, the blockade was on!

    The outpouring of support and kindness all along the route was touching, even those who waved and saluted the MBTA busses as we were driven back to the Mall. They didn't know for sure who was in those busses (though I guess it may have been obvious) but they showed respect anyway. The outpouring of ACTUAL LOVE was amazing.

    That day and the day in Yarmouth gave me reassurance that, we AREN'T universally hated, mistrusted, scorned and looked at like an 'occupying army'. I may work for a private university, but I know that I am part of a family that has grown closer and more caring than it ever was in the past because, no matter who you work for, you do the job.

    And totally on a side note, I personally want to acknowledge the college/university PD's I saw there and PLEASE, if I miss your department, it's ONLY because I didn't see you, and damn, it was NOT HARD to miss a department or two.

    Assumption College
    Bentley University
    Simmons College
    Northeastern University
    UMass (probably all campuses)
    Fitchburg State
    Worcester State
    Worcester Polytech
    Springfield Tech Community College
    Massasoit Community College
    Harvard University
    Tufts University
    Mass Art
    Holy Cross
    North Shore Community College
    Bunker Hill Community College

    I'm sure I missed a bunch and please forgive me if I did, but SHIT, it made me proud!

    God Bless all who attended and those who could not for whatever reason.
  12. LA Copper

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    Trueblue and Kilvinsky,

    Your posts are part of the reasons I'm looking forward to moving back there when I retire. It's always refreshing to know there are still good people out there.

    Unfortunately I've attended close to 100 line of duty deaths around the Los Angeles area since coming on the job, 35 of which were from my own department. I've taken notice that when we are in LA City, there are usually very few people "lining the streets" when the funeral procession goes by. In certain parts of LA County, the number of folks gets a little higher.

    As soon as we go somewhere else, counties other than Los Angeles, there are usually lots of people "lining the streets," which is very inspiring as you know. That's the way it should be!

    Kudos to the citizens and kudos to our brother and sister officers, both active and retired, for taking care of each other back there during such a terrible time. Hopefully you all won't have to experience that again for a long, long time.
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  13. Kilvinsky

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    Keeping with this theme, I look WAY back on the funeral for Officer Joseph Doyle of the Brown University Police. The law enforcement turnout was, to be honest, very sad. Though campus guys from as far as Virginia (If you watch the video for "Long Valley Road" by Bruce Hornsby, you'll see a William and Mary cop I met!!), the local turn out itself almost made me cry. But that was 1988. I won't go into details.

    HOWEVER, after the procession left the church in Cranston, we went to Providence and circled Brown itself. As a bell tolled, the streets around the University were lined with people. It very much made up for the lack of local cops and made my chest almost as big as my stomach. Very, VERY touching to see.

    LA, Blue Lives Matter, not to everyone, but to those who DO matter.
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  14. LGriffin

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    Sgt. Michael Chesna's Memorial has been vandalized.
    DPW is reportedly responding for clean up ...
  15. trueblue

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    I would say “unbelievable “.... but sadly hearing about incidents such as these is no longer unusual.
  16. kdk240

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    Ass holes
  17. Hush

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    Make an example, that doesn't involve the court.

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    Punishment for vandalizing ANYONE’s gravesite should be that you have to clean it up on live TV. Minimum of 6 hours a day for a week. I don’t care police officer, burger flipper, gas station clerk, teacher, doctor, social worker, airplane pilot, stewardess, waiter at a strip club, stripper, etc the list goes on. Nobody deserves to have their final resting place destroyed, defaced, or otherwise altered against their family’s wishes.
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  19. HistoryHound

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    Accidents happen every day.
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    That sucks. There's still people with blue lights on the front porch and thin blue line flags so it's just some dirt bag.

    I see the church is selling some of their property across from the high school. Would be really great if the town could buy it , level the old buildings and dedicated a park to Sgt.Chesna
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  21. Kilvinsky

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    Overall, I agree, but I bet we can all think of SOMEONE who deserves no respect, not even in death. There have been plenty of those over the years and will be plenty more. But that does NOT mean I'm in favor of vandalism, but if some folks graves become neglected, ignored and decrepit, that's ok with me.

    Many years ago there was a little girl in Braintree (well known case at the time) neglected and eventually beaten to death by her father. I see her grave almost every time I visit my Mom's. His grave's location is unknown to me (he was mercifully beaten to death while awaiting trial) and I would hate to think it's been kept in a pristine state. Just an example.
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