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Police Officer-Burlington NC Police Department

Discussion in 'Beyond New England' started by EUPD377, Oct 12, 2020.

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    The pay is shit compared to MA, but you can live pretty good on it in the Burlington area. Close to Greensboro and Raleigh/Durham, and about a two hour drive to the mountains for all you outdoorsmen. All officers who live within 15 miles of the Burlington city limits get to take their assigned vehicle home. Top of the line training, and lots of room to get into specialty units like SWAT, traffic/motors, field force (riot control), narcotics, street crimes, and more. Burlington is essentially “little Durham” at this point with plenty of shootings, stabbings, drugs, guns, warrants, and anything else you want to get into. NC still supports our police, at least better than a lot of states up north, and nobody is trying to defund us or take away our QI yet.
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    Soooo... I don't wanna retire there?
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    Many of you already know this but NC is a completely different law enforcement experience than MA. I have been to trainings with NC officers and have worked with a couple who have transplanted back and forth from there. The pay is very significantly lower than MA. The cost of living has increased in NC and police pay has not kept up.

    I was at a training once put on by a recently retired officer from the NC state police who said they were starting to see state troopers who were homeless and living in their cruisers because they could not afford to live in their assigned areas. Getting a take home cruiser is great unless you have to live in it.
    Labor rules do not exist in NC. You work when you are told at the whim of the PD each week/day. Many NC agencies use the "Pitman Schedule". If you are unfamiliar with Pitman, it is definitely not what a MA cop would consider union friendly.

    NC is a right to work state. If you suddenly become inconvenient to your PD for any or no reason, you will be let go immediately. In these states, it is common for people to drift in and out of policing. If the local factory gets a contract and starts paying a little more per hour, officers will quit policing and work that job until it runs out and drift back into policing until something better comes along. Since many police jobs are not very valuable in NC, most agencies are always hiring.

    This creates a situation where some scary people end up as police officers. This translates into the high profile incidents we see on TV. I keep hearing about reforming law enforcement. Above are the reasons why some areas of the country are having problems. No matter what rules or restrictions get put on policing, none of them have a chance without fixing these problems first.
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    Pay sucks down there. I know a former NCHP lieutenant that was high pressure washing homes after his shift to make ends meet. I laugh when I hear that cost of living is cheaper. In what regards ? Housing is about it and you can still get decent housing in MA. Food, gas etc still the same.

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    A friend of mine decided to make the move from a good PD here to Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD. Lured by the better weather and supposedly low cost of living. He was back in less than a year. Not that its necessarily a bad place to work/live but as stated above it is a very, very different experience if you are already a working cop in Mass. We have things pretty good up here.
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    Lower cost of real estate used to be the case in NC but the costs there have skyrocketed, especially near the coast.
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    Biscuits n' Porn!!!
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