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Dorchester Man To Face Animal Cruelty Charge

BOSTON -- A man was accused of striking his girlfriend's cat with a saucepan at a Dorchester home on Thursday.

Emmanuel Rodriguez, 22, allegedly struck the cat, named Snowballs, with a pan at 237 Washington St. shortly before 2 p.m.

The mother of the cat's owner called police after her daughter told her about the incident. When police arrived at the residence, the cat's owner said she did not want her boyfriend to be "locked up."
Police officers found Snowballs bleeding from its right paw. The animal's front legs were also covered in blood.
The woman told police that Rodriguez said, "I hit your cat because he knocked over the computer monitor." She then showed police the pan he allegedly used to strike the cat. Police said that it was dented and had white hair on it.
She also told officers that it was not the first time Rodriguez has harmed her cat, according to police.
Rodriguez was placed under arrest and charged with cruelty to animals. During the booking process, he allegedly told officers, "I didn't know I could get arrested for hitting the cat."
The cat is being treated at MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center.

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What a douchebag! Both the suspect and the caller. "Don't lock him up"? If he does that to an animal, you can't be far behind dummy.
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