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Beacon Hill Man To Face Number Of Charges

BOSTON -- A Beacon Hill man was accused of beating his girlfriend, stealing her purse and throwing her dog so hard that it broke its paw, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.

Miguel Roberto Del Pozo Castillo, 26, was held on $1,000 bail after he was arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, malicious destruction of property, larceny over $250, resisting arrest, providing a false name to a police officer and animal cruelty.

Boston Police responded to the scene shortly after 3:00 a.m. Sunday to a Joy Street home for a report of domestic violence. The 20-year-old woman told officers that she came after a night out with friends to find Castillo in her apartment.
She told police that Castillo was angry and believed she had been with another man. He allegedly pushed and punched her, knocked over her furniture and emptied all her drawers. He also allegedly stole her wallet and purse, then took her pet Chihuahua and threatened to kill it. When she asked for the dog back, he allegedly shoved her to the floor and left in a taxi.

The responding officers found the dog outside the building. It was trembling, bleeding, and unable to walk due to an injury to its paw, police said. Feces on its hindquarters and feces on several areas of the door and walls suggested to officers that he had thrown it at least three times.

As the officers interviewed the victim and a female friend, the friend's phone rang. The call came from the victim's cell phone, which Castillo had allegedly stolen. Castillo told the friend that he had thrown the dog out the taxi window and gone to friend's house in Cambridge. When an officer took the phone and urged Castillo to return to the apartment to speak in person, he refused.

"I'm not a fool," he allegedly told the officer. "You will arrest me."

He returned to Joy Street about two hours later, prompting a phone call to which the officers responded immediately. After a struggle, they took him into custody and found on his person the victim's beige purse.
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