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Published: September 10, 2008 05:30 am ShareThisPrintThis
Police look to curb motorcycle noise with education
By Chris Cassidy

SALEM - Police will attempt to muffle loud motorcycles without writing tickets this weekend.
Officers with sound meters will be at Salem High School Saturday afternoon to give motorcyclists a chance to have their bikes' noise levels measured.
Motorcyclists can show up at the front of the high school between 1 and 5 p.m. to have their bikes checked free. No citations will be issued for loud motorcycles, said Salem police Capt. Brian Gilligan.
After receiving a steady stream of noise complaints from neighbors, particularly about the booming rumble of motorcycle motors, police are hoping bikers will use the free check as a chance to fix their bikes and avoid a possible ticket down the road.
"The point of the day is education and non-enforcement," said Gilligan. "We want to encourage them to ride, but do it in a responsible fashion."
Bikers will also be given pamphlets outlining excessive noise levels and reasons to bring their motorcycles into compliance. The event will also give bikers a chance to talk to an officer about other motorcycle-safety issues.
Excessive motorcycle noise has been a constant source of neighborhood complaints, Gilligan said. Police hope that educating bikers will eliminate the need for a widespread crackdown.
"We'll base our enforcement response on the level of impact we had," said Gilligan.
The event has the backing of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association and Boston Harley-Davidson.
"I find most of the riders are very receptive to this," said Dave Condon, a district manager with the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association. "It's going to be an educational day."

Anything is worth a try, but most of the bikers with loud pipe bought the pipes because they are loud. Many have brand new bikes, take off the brand new pipes and buy loud ones.

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People tend to see gold wings because of their Winnebago sized fairings and other body work. Don't underestimate visibility. I rode a bike for years with a dark maroon tank and side covers. I painted them yellow one year and suddenly realized that I had been virtualy invisible untill then. Most folks riding in blue jeans, black leather, and that really trendy black insert your motorcycle event or shop here t-shirt, on a naked bike, probably can't fathom the idea that someone wouldn't see them when they're looking just so damn cool.

On another note, the other bikes that I've scraped up off the road have been the crotch rockets where the operator has thought that s/he was Evil Kinevil
The one exception I had was a crotch rocket.....rider lost his leg after crashing on the Fore River Bridge. I'm still not sure what happened; we were able to punt the reconstruction to Weymouth PD. :cool:

I believe in coincidences, but I'm not buying the loud pipes save lives argument; I've seen way too many loud motorcycles reduced to scrap metal in crashes.
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