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Police search for the suspect in Attleboro.

ATTLEBORO (WBZ) ― Police are looking for a man wanted in connection to the attempted abduction of a child in Attleboro on Thursday.

The attempted abduction allegedly happened on Holden Street.

The child, whose age is not yet known, was located safe and sound, but the suspect is still on the loose.

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Suspect Arrested In Attleboro Abduction

Suspect Charged With Kidnapping, Assault & Battery

Mark Rantanen has been arrested in connection with the abduction of a 13-year-old Attleboro boy.

ATTLEBORO (WBZ) ― Attleboro police have arrested a suspect in connection with the abduction of a 13-year-old boy Thursday morning.

Mark Rantanen, 46, was arrested Thursday evening after police and K-9 units conducted an all day search. He has been charged with kidnapping and assault and battery.

The incident happened around 11 a.m. in the backyard of a home on Holden Street.

Attleboro police Capt. David Proia said the boy was in the yard when a man dragged him 100 to 200 feet into some nearby woods.

The boy managed to break free, run home and alert his father, who called police. The boy is said to be safe.

"We believe between the struggle and the father calling for him, he was able to get away," said Capt. David Proia.

Police said the boy took investigators into the woods to show them where he was taken to.

Neighbors told WBZ the boy was home during the day because he is home schooled.

"It's horrifying. I can't imagine," said neighbor Louise Johnson. "It's just beyond belief. I mean it's a busy street but it's still a neighborhood. It's just houses and people and you never think anything's going to happen like that."

Police are saying the attack was random.

Rantanen will be arraigned in the Attleboro District Court Friday morning.

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Victim's father: 'God put me in the right place'

ATTLEBORO - The father of the 13-year-old boy who was grabbed by a man and dragged into the woods was home sick Thursday morning and he thanked God he was.

The father, who spoke on the condition of anonymity this morning, went outside after his wife told them their son was not in the front yard and did not answer when she called.

The suspect, Mark J. Rantanen, 46, who gave an address of 1B Maple Terrace, in Attleboro, but has been known to be homeless in the past, was scheduled to be arraigned today in Attleboro District Court on kidnapping and assault charges.

"We didn't think he took off on his own," the father said, still nursing a sore throat and body aches this morning.

The 43-year-old Holden Street resident said he walked outside and began calling for his son when he heard some noise in the woods and thick briar patch near his home before spotting his son. The perpetrator had run off after his son broke free from his grasp and he never saw the man, the father said.

"God put me in the right place at the right time," he said.

He said he, his wife and their two children are "doing well" despite the scare of having a child swiped away from the front yard.

He said his son was not able to call out because of the way the man grabbed him.

"The guy grabbed him, put one arm around his body and one arm around his mouth," the father said.

He thanked state and city police for their efforts in apprehending a suspect and for the way they handled the family's concerns.

"We're very impressed with the police effort. It was swift and effective," the father said.

The incident occurred around 11 a.m. Thursday and brought about an intense air and ground search of the Bungay River Conservation area, a wide swath of woods and wetlands between Holden and Lindsey streets.

Rantanen was arrested on an unrelated matter shortly after the attempted abduction was reported in downtown by Officer Timothy Cook Jr., who was working a road construction detail.

As the investigation continued, police continued the air and ground search with a state police helicopter equipped with heat detecting equipment, a state police dog and several police officers on foot for about three hours. Rantanen was later charged with the attempted abduction later Thursday and was held overnight at the police station pending arraignment.

The incident came as a shock to neighbors who described the area as tight knit and quiet other than the heavy traffic on Holden Street.

"We're a neighborhood of people who have lived here a long time. It's unsettling," said Louise Johnson of 73 Holden St., who lives across the street from the boy and his family.

Johnson and police said the boy was home at the time because he and his 16-year-old sister are home schooled. She said she was glad to hear the boy was safe.

"He's a wonderful kid," she said. The boy and his 16-year-old sister are "real busy kids. They're always out in the yard playing."

"I'm horrified," she said. "I can't imagine...we're a busy street."

Johnson said that she never felt afraid before. "I always had my doors open, but they're locked now."

Passing motorists slowed their vehicles as they passed media trucks, police cars with flashing lights and yellow police tape which stretched about 75 yards down a sidewalk under construction near the conservation area.

Many shouted questions to reporters asking what the emergency was and reacted with shock when they learned why police cars were on the street.

City Councilor George Ross, chairman of the city's public safety committee, stopped by briefly to bring the police a bag of bottled water.
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