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By Jennifer Lade
Standard-Times staff writer
August 01, 2008 6:00 AM

WAREHAM - A complaint alleging that excessive force was used in arresting a 15-year-old girl in Onset could not be substantiated by an internal investigation at the Wareham Police Department, Chief Thomas Joyce said in a press release on Thursday.
A group of people who believe the complaint is legitimate will meet this week to determine how to proceed.
Kenny Fontes and Joe Spinola, who were present during the alleged incident, filed a formal complaint on July 11 against a police officer who they say used excessive force when he allegedly picked up a 15-year-old girl, pushed her against a wall and slammed her to the ground.
The alleged incident occurred July 10, when two groups of young people were traveling in Onset center.
A 12-year-old was arrested after allegedly yelling obscenities at police, according to police reports.
His 15-year-old sister and 14-year-old brother also were placed in custody after, police say, they tried to interfere.
Chief Joyce said Thursday that because the victim's mother did not allow her to be interviewed and because eyewitnesses had varying accounts of what happened, "the investigator could not substantiate the complaint.
"If the victim is allowed to be interviewed or there are any other witnesses that have not come forward and are willing to offer information, the complaint would be reviewed based on the new information," he said in a press release.
Mr. Fontes said the result of the investigation was not surprising.
He said he and Mr. Spinola were not interviewed for the investigation beyond what they said to police at the time they filed the complaint.
He questioned whether the 15-year-old girl truly was not allowed to talk with investigators.
"I don't know how true that is and what (the mother's) reasons are," he said.
He added that he will not contact the Wareham Police to give a testimony of what he saw. Instead, he said, a group of residents are meeting this week to consider approaching selectmen to ask about an outside investigation into the incident.
"Whoever does it, that's who I'll speak to next," he said.

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Perhaps the outcome of the investigation is not surprising because none of the witnesses or "victims" cared to participate. They are, however, very interested in talking only with the authority that writes this officers pay checks. Justice or bad blood?

This witness doubts whether the 15 year old victim did not comply with the investigation, but will not cooperate himself?

Sounds like this might be a long, drawn out exercise.

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Cuz she's 15 she can't be violent? Why not allow yourself to be interviewed before going to the selectman? I'm sure this guy already had the plan in his head to go to the selectman if he didn't like the depts answer to his complaint.
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