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By Will Richmond
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Aug 12, 2008 @ 05:45 PM

Westport -
Police and investigators from the Bristol County District Attorney's Office are probing the death of a man in May, which had been deemed a suicide but is now being treated as suspicious.
Steven S. Kut Sr., 53, of 269 Narrow Ave., died May 17 in his home.
Westport Detective Jeff Majewski said a Westport ambulance responded to Kut's home on the night of May 17, where he was found lying on the floor. Majewski said Kut lived in a home on the back of a lot on which he owned two homes.
After initially believing there was nothing suspect about the death, Majewski said an autopsy proved Kut died from a gunshot to the head and investigators began probing his death as suspicious.
Majewski would only say a lengthy investigation has taken place since May and referred all remaining question to the District Attorney's Office.
District Attorney's Office spokesman Gregg Miliote said Kut's death is being treated as a "self-inflicted gun death," and that an open investigation continues.
With the investigation about to enter its fourth month, Miliote said the ongoing probe is due to the nature of Kut's death.
"With any unattended death with no witnesses, we have to move forward with the investigation to be certain," Miliote said "We have to be thorough and make sure everything checks out."
According to Kut's obituary, he died unexpectedly at home. He is survived by two sons, a daughter, a brother, a sister and several nieces and nephews. Other than to say Kut's death is being investigated, Miliote declined further comment.
"This is an active investigation that has not been deemed a homicide," Miliote said. "We're not closing the book on this being a self-inflicted gunshot, but we're going to let this take us to where the evidence leads us."
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