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More than $13K in copper wire, other metals were stolen

The Patriot Ledger
Posted Aug 23, 2008 @ 02:00 AM

Police are investigating the theft of more than $13,000 worth of copper wire and other metals from a Brooks Drive business.
The cooper wire and metals, which weighed several thousand pounds, had been kept in a storage container at 3 Phase Elevator.
Police learned about the theft Tuesday.
An employee had found the container open several days earlier and noticed the padlock had been cut.
Detectives are reviewing surveillance video that show a vehicle near the container as well as a man tampering with the lock.
There have been similar reports recently across the South Shore regarding scrap metal thefts.
Everything from copper pipes used in plumbing to the catalytic converters of automobiles have been been targeted because of higher scrap metal prices. Copper, for example, can sell for up to $3 per pound, depending on its grade.
Anything with metal in it that can be resold as scrap is vulnerable.
During the last four years, demand for metal has remained strong while the supply has slowed because of labor strife and mine safety problems. That has driven the price up, especially for copper, creating a market for thieves to sell to scrap metal dealers.
Authorities have said that copper is especially attractive to thieves because it can be resold easily and for a good price.
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