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Police interrupt wedding to take statement

German police officers insisted on taking statements from theft victims - during their wedding ceremony.
Constanze, 34, and Rocco Zahn, 36, from Glauchau in Saxony were furious when the cops insisted on halting the service to quiz the couple.
Earlier, the pair had reported the theft of a laptop and wedding presents from the groom's stag party the night before.

The over-dutiful officers failed to announce to the wedding party why they were leading the groom away though.
"Everyone thought Rocco was in trouble with the police when two officers waltzed into the ceremony and led him away - after all the stag party was quite a wild one," said guest Heiner Winkler.

The wedding guests' shock soon turned to anger when they realised the real reason for the visit though.
"When we found out they were just taking statements though all the guests started booing and the officers scarpered pretty quickly. There's a time and a place for these things," Winkler continued.

But to make matters worse the police contacted the couple later - to say there was insufficient evidence and they needed to take further statements to proceed with the case
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