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By Dorian Block, Matthew Lysiak and Wil Cruz
New York Daily News

NEW YORK — A disturbed man had a 13-hour standoff with police Thursday after stabbing his longtime girlfriend and then perching half-naked on a ledge at their Bronx building, police sources said.
Cops put an end to the stalemate by repelling down from the roof of the University Avenue building and pushing Adolpho Jones, 49, into an open window.
Adolpho Jones, 49, had climbed onto the fourth-floor ledge just after midnight - wearing only a pair of bloody white boxer shorts. He was trying to escape after stabbing girlfriend Carmen Valez numerous times in her University Ave. apartment, cops said.
Valez, 49, is in critical condition at St. Barnabas Hospital.
More than 100 onlookers gathered to watch cops try to coax Jones down.
"He's been there many, many hours," neighbor Fuseni Koti, 51, said in the midst of the drama. "They're telling him, 'Come down, just come down,' so that they can take him to the hospital and treat him."
Shortly after 1:30 p.m., ESU Detectives Brian Glacken and Brian Hirsch scaled down the building. Glacken bear-hugged Jones and pushed him inside open window. Emergency workers raced him to an undisclosed hospital.
Thursday's standoff was reminiscent of the Sept. 24 incident in which officers Tasered an emotionally disturbed Iman Morales, who was naked and perched on a Brooklyn ledge. Morales fell to his death on the sidewalk below.
Lt. Michael Pigott, who ordered one of his officers to shoot the Taser, killed himself a short while later.
In the Bronx, several gawkers waited, at times in heavy rain, to see the outcome of the standoff with Jones. The onlookers clapped and cheered when Jones was rescued.
"I'm glad they didn't Taser him like in Brooklyn," said Tamika Bracey, 32, a child care provider who lives in the neighborhood. "They did a great job. They were cautious; nobody got hurt."
Residents of the University Ave. building were shocked when they saw Jones on the ledge, insisting he was a pleasant neighbor.
"He's always saying hi, asking about me and my family," said Reasmey Puch, 44. "He loves her, he's home every night. That's why I'm shocked."

Story From: The New York Daily News
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