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DARTMOUTH - Police arrested two New Bedford men after observing a suspected drug deal Tuesday at State Road and Summit Avenue.
Pedro L. Ortiz, 44, of 43 Scott St., is charged with distribution of heroin, possession of Oxycontin and conspiracy to violate the drug laws.
Ricardo Rosario, 49, of 192 Harvard St., is charged with possession of heroin and conspiracy to violate the drug laws.
Lt. Ken Cotta, public information officer for the Dartmouth Police Department, said an undetermined amount of heroin and two Oxycontin pills were seized by police.
Police from Dartmouth and the Bristol County Drug Task Force were conducting surveillance about 1:40 p.m. in response to complaints about drug dealing.
While the suspects were in Mr. Rosario's car, police moved in and arrested them.
Police said Mr. Rosario was holding some powdered heroin and Mr. Ortiz had two Oxycontin pills in his possession.
The arresting officer was Dartmouth Det. Paul Medeiros.
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