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FITCHBURG -- A 29-year-old Fitchburg man was caught on tape breaking into a car on Grove Street on Wednesday morning, according to police.
Adam J. Baillargeon, homeless, Fitchburg, is charged with felony breaking and entering into a vehicle in the daytime, as well as larceny more than $250 and vandalizing property.
Fitchburg Police Sgt. Glenn Fossa said a resident on Grove Street called police to report items being stolen from his car about 7 a.m.
A neighbor apparently videotaped the theft, leading police to arrest Baillargeon about 9 a.m., Fossa said.
Police recovered an iPod, sunglasses, cologne and other items taken from the car, according to Fossa.
Judge Paul McGill ordered Baillargeon held on $800 cash bail.
"You've got a tough case coming up if they've got you on videotape doing this stuff," McGill said.
Baillargeon responded by saying he is not guilty of the charges.
"These are bogus charges," Baillargeon told McGill. Many people will not report having their possession stolen from their cars, thinking police will not be able to find the suspect or recover the items, Fossa said.
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