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DURHAM, N.H., Oct. 26 - A police officer sees a bank robbery suspect speed by and says "pursuit." Automatically, the cruiser's blue lights, siren, flashing headlights and video camera turn on. The car also sends a message to dispatch giving the location and saying the officer is chasing someone.

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On a side amazes me that Durham, NH has this technology, but we have yet to see it in departments that have frequent pursuits, ie. MSP.

Awesome technology though. Maybe in the future we can say armed and extremely dangerous, then our squad cars fire missles at target. :lol:

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My bro was talking to the operator of one of these "smart cars" at an auto show and the officer accidentally left on the voice control while he was explaining what he could have it do... "Yea it can do almost everything, even the horn HHHOONNKKK...." Needless to say scared the bajesus out of those looking under the hood :wl: Anyways, the radar system scans the cars, ID's the Reg and runs the plates, tells how fast over/under the speed limit they are and all kinds of other stuff. Very cool and scary, takes all the fun out of it :mrgreen:
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