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WAREHAM - A town police cruiser was struck by a car while responding to a call on Thursday morning, Chief Thomas Joyce said.
The cruiser, driven by Lt. Arthur Brightman, was heading south on Cranberry Highway toward the intersection with the off ramp of Interstate 195 east at 11:28 a.m. with its lights and sirens on.
After slowing at the intersection as the traffic light changed to red, Lt. Brightman began to drive again after seeing a car and a truck stopping at the green light. At that point, however, the car began moving, as the drivers's view was obstructed by cars stopped in the inside lane, and the cruiser and car collided.
No injuries were reported, but both vehicles sustained front-end damage and had to be towed from the scene.
The driver of the car, who was not identified, denied ever seeing or hearing the cruiser. The driver of the truck next to the car did acknowledge seeing and hearing the cruiser's approach, Chief Joyce said in a statement. Police did not issue any citations.
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