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I found this interesting Q&A about Police Corps.

Can a Police Corps participant apply for promotion during his or her first four years of service?

Police Corps participants are expected to serve all four years on community patrol, unless unforeseen circumstances make this impossible. A Police Corps participant may apply for promotions and be promoted as long as the participant continues to serve with community patrol. For example, a participant may be promoted to sergeant, if as sergeant he or she will be responsible for officers who serve on community patrol. A participant may not, however, apply to be assigned to a specialized unit.
Once a participant completes the required four years of service on community patrol, he or she is free to apply for any position or promotion.

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Yeah Really,

Picture this..........
Three years into doing a wonderful job in your community, they reassign you, due to budget cuts, out of community patrol. Or the old detective retires and you're the only one with the brains to take the job.

Now picture this............
You're outside the station to pick up your paystub and BANG! a black van pulls up and three hooded figures in BDU's grab you and speed off.
Next thing you know, you're in an old musty hanger somewhere south of Boston. You realize, in horror, that you are before the Police Corps Tribunal. Judge/Lt. Thompson presiding, and you without a TIE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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