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Police consider whether to charge neighbor in fatal shooting of Loudoun teen

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By Caitlin Gibson,
Mar 20, 2013 01:36 AM EDT
The Washington Post
Published: March 19
Loudoun County sheriff's officials are reviewing 911 calls and interviewing friends of the teenager who was shot to death after he accidentally entered a neighbor's home over the weekend.
Sheriff Mike Chapman said his office is working with the commonwealth's attorney's office in deciding whether to pursue charges or close the investigation. James Plowman, Loudoun's chief prosecutor, declined to comment.

(Family photo) - Caleb Gordley


Map: The two-story, red-brick houses of the shooter and the teenager who was shot are separated by another house.

Caleb Gordley, 16, sneaked out of his home in Sterling after he was grounded for not cleaning his room. He went to a party with some friends, where he drank alcohol. About 2 a.m. Sunday, his friends dropped him off after the party, but Caleb wrongly entered the house two doors from his by climbing through a window.
The homeowner, Donald West Wilder II, heard his burglar alarm go off and confronted Caleb. He fired a warning shot and told the teenager to leave. When he didn't, Wilder shot again, fatally striking Caleb, law enforcement officials said.
Officials said the Wilders and Gordleys did not know one another.
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Confronted by a pissed off home owner with a loaded gun who just discharged his weapon after you break into his house, and you still refuse to leave. Congratulations you just became a Darwin Award Winner.

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Don't these kids learn "aspiring rapper" is akin to death wish??
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At least it's a recent photo and not when he was 12... but really ? What charges should he face? Kid was breaking in - and didn't smarten up after the first "warning" shot.
Super wealthy area so there is going to be a lot of public outcry, but to answer your question there is no law against this.
Nice headline. Last time I checked, the prosecutor was the one in the courtroom that charges people with crimes.

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