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Hi Guys.
Sorry this is sort of SPAM'Ish but they are web sites that I have worked hard on and I would like to share them with you.
Thanks !
Greg :)

GMACK and Norm's Cop Car Web Ring is up !
Yahoo Groups is a great place to be.
That is why I bring you GMACK and Norm's Cop Car Web Ring.
These are sites started or owned or moderated by Norm, Greg or Both of us.
Join one or join em all !
Most of all have fun with them.
I have listed them below and of course the links are on each Yahoo Group.
Greg and Norm.
6 Yahoo Groups to Choose From :
*Cop Cars
COP CARS - A Place For Fans of Police Cars and their Replicas (
*Cop Cars 2
Cop Cars 2 - A Club to talk about and post pictures of Cop Cars
*Cop Cars Continued 2
This group is soley dedicated to the Cop Cars of the World. We will have albums for every state, sub albums for Depts. in the state, as well as albums for any country you wish.
*Vintage Police Vehicles
A place to post pics of those fondly remembered Police Vehicles of Days Gone By.
*Rescue Rigs
We are paying tribute to all Rescue Personell by featuring pics of old and new Rescue Rigs in use over the years.
And Last but not least a little plug for my Crown Victoria Club
CrownMarq 1992 to CURRENT - 92-Current CV's and Marqs (POLICE PACK. ALSO)
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