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MESA, Ariz. - A baby is recovering after a carjacker tossed her from a stolen car, Phoenix police said.

It happened Saturday after two armed men carjacked a woman in Phoenix. One of the men flung the woman's 4-month-old child from the vehicle while trying to escape, police said.
The pair are also accused of shooting a man in the arm during a botched carjacking attempt just 30 minutes before.
The suspects are identified as Arthur Galindo, 29, and Romulo Cardona, 23, said Sgt. Andy Hill, a Phoenix police spokesman.
Galindo, armed with a shotgun, fired the weapon at the vehicle's window, Hill said. Broken glass rained down on top of the woman's 4-month-old daughter, who was still strapped in a car seat.
Galindo climbed into the driver's seat and attempted to flee in the woman's vehicle, Hill said, while Cardona drove off in an Impala.
As Galindo drove off, witnesses yelled that a child was in the back seat.
Witnesses said Galindo stopped and flung the infant to the pavement while still in her car seat. The child received only minor injuries, Hill said.
Police followed Galindo in the stolen Monte Carlo through south Phoenix where he bailed out and into the passenger seat of the Impala driven by Cardona.
Eventually both men attempted to flee from the Impala. Officers were able to arrest them after a brief chase on foot, Hill said.
The two men are being charged with numerous crimes, including armed robbery, prohibited possession of weapons and felony flight.
Police believe the pair were recently released from the Department of Corrections for prior armed robbery convictions, Hill said.
Police have also connected Cardona to an armed home invasion robbery and a Sept. 8 carjacking, both in Phoenix, Hill said.,2933,422641,00.html

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Re: Police: Carjacker Threw 4-Month-Old Baby From Car After Shattering Window With Sh

Both are POS!
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