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Car Stolen Off Dealership Lot

Video: Police: Man Stole Car On Shopping Trip With Daughter

WATERBURY, Conn -- Police said what began as a father-daughter shopping trip ended with a car stolen from a Waterbury dealership.

Waterbury police said Theodore Bartley, 45, brought his daughter to National Auto Brokers to purchase a 2003 red Nissan Altima last week. They said the Bartleys gave all of the required information to purchase the vehicle and were approved to buy the car.

Dealership workers said that when it came time for Bartley to sign for the car a few days later, Bartley said that he wanted to take the car to be inspected by his mechanic. They said he never returned with the vehicle.

"For the daughter this has to be humiliating," said Lou Longo of National Auto Brokers. "The daughter is checking out the car and the dad then steals it."
Longo said that after three days, they thought they would never see the car again. But they said Bartley's daughter called the dealership on Monday and directed them to the vehicle.

"She said she knows where the car is -- it's at the Econo Lodge in Southington, and the keys were in the car, so obviously she had contact with him," Longo said.

Longo then reported the car's location to the police. Longo said officers reported receiving several 911 calls reporting the driver of the stolen Nissan was driving erratically.

Although the car was returned to the dealership, police said Bartley remains at large.

Bartley's criminal record includes charges of larceny, credit card theft and identity theft.
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