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Nashua Police Say Pair Robbed Two Banks Within Minutes

NASHUA, N.H. -- A masked man who tried to rob two banks in Nashua on Friday evening pulled off his disguise using something off the Halloween shelf at a nearby drugstore, police said.

Nashua police identified the suspect as Jayson Fulcher, of Nashua, saying he tried to rob the Sovereign Bank and the Citizen's Bank, both on Main Street, at about closing time. It was not known how much money was taken, if any.

"He walked into the bank wearing a set of glasses, fake nose and fake moustache," Nashua police Sgt. Michael Carignan said. "We've seen a lot less and a lot more."
Police said Deborah Bryson, 29, of Nashua, also played a role, but didn't explain exactly how. Investigators said Fulcher entered both banks.
"He attempted to pass a note to conduct a robbery at that location," Carignan said.
Police said the suspects arrived at the Citizens Bank minutes after leaving the Sovereign Bank.
"He passed the note to the teller and requested certain items," Carignan said.
WMUR News 9's Aaron Kellogg reported that the suspects didn't get caught immediately. Police tracked the pair down a couple hours later.
"He probably wasn't thinking as well as he should've been," Carignan said.
Both suspects face two felony charges: Fulcher is expected in court Monday morning and it was not known when Bryson could face a judge.
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