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Allan Jung/Daily News staff
Framingham Police examine the car of Wellesley resident Thomas O'Connell yesterday at the intersection of Howard and Beaver streets after O'Connell was arrested for threatening another man with a baseball bat and a pellet gun.

By Norman Miller/Daily News staff
MetroWest Daily News
Posted Jul 22, 2008 @ 12:50 AM

Police say a Wellesley man had bad intentions yesterday when he went to an America Street home armed with a baseball bat and a pellet gun looking for another man.
The potential victim was not at home, and Thomas O'Connell was arrested minutes later at 9:14 a.m. on Beaver Street, Deputy Police Chief Craig Davis said.
Around 9 a.m., O'Connell went to 48 America St. to confront a man, the deputy said.
"He was looking for a particular person he had an argument with," said Davis. "He went to the door with a baseball bat and a pellet gun tucked in his pants. A (woman) opened the door and he (O'Connell) said, 'Where is he?' The woman said 'He's not here,' and O'Connell left."
The deputy did not identify the woman or the man O'Connell was looking for.
The woman called police, saying the man had a gun.
Police stopped him a few minutes later and found the bat, as well as a pellet gun stuffed between the seats.
"The officers at the scene said it looked like a real gun," said Davis. "It was a black handgun."
O'Connell, of 71 Fairbanks Road, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, a bat, assault with a dangerous weapon, a pellet gun, and threatening to commit a crime.
He pleaded not guilty at his Framingham District Court arraignment yesterday and Judge Douglas Stoddart released him on $500 bail.
O'Connell is due back in court on Aug. 13 for a pretrial conference.
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