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Police arrest coffee throwing pedestrian

BOSTON -- Police arrested a pedestrian after he allegedly kicked a vehicle and threw a cup of coffee at one of the passengers inside.
Officers witnessed Robert Nagle, 35, of Milton, crossing the street in the crosswalk near Boston's Faneuil Hall.
Police said that when a vehicle blocked his path, Nagle allegedly kicked the car's right side and threw a hot cup of coffee at the front seat passenger.
"The coffee hit her in the chest and the lap, burned her on the thighs," said Jason Piantedosi, the driver.
Paintedosi said his car was in the crosswalk because the car in front of him stopped.
"I immediately threw the car into park, jumped out of the car to go after him and he came around the car and kinda came at me with a duffle bag," said Piantedosi.
Nagle was charged with willful and malicious destruction of property, and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (coffee).
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