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Crackdown Follows Death Of Teen

WRENTHAM, Mass. -- Twenty underage drinkers were arrested by police who broke up a drinking party late Friday night.

Police officers from five different departments were needed to make the arrests, Wrentham police said in a statement.

Two juveniles were among those arrested at the party at 25 Kayshaw Drive. All were charged with being minors in possession of alcohol and are scheduled to be arraigned Monday at the Wrentham District Court.
Police have been aggressively enforcing underage drinking laws in the region since the death of a Plainville, Mass., teen last month.

Taylor Meyer, 17, drowned following a party at an abandoned airport in nearby Norfolk.

Two weeks later, 13 people between the ages of 15 and 19 were arrested at a drinking party in a makeshift shelter hidden deep in the woods.

None of those arrested at the Wrentham party were older than 19, police said.

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Teens caught with a click in Wrentham

WRENTHAM - The latest underage party was broken up by area police following the efforts of the school resource officer at King Philip Regional High School scanning Internet social networks popular with youths as well as complaints from neighbors, police say.

And one of the most disturbing parts of the raid Friday night at a Wrentham home, police add, is many of those at the party wore pink bracelets in tribute to Taylor Meyer, the King Philip senior from Plainville who was found dead following a party last month in Norfolk.

"Several people who were arrested were also present at the party Taylor Meyer attended just prior to her disappearance," Detective Lt. William McGrath said.

Twenty underage adults and two juveniles were arrested in the third large illegal party raided by police in the King Philip towns since the tragic death of Meyer, 17, who was found Oct. 20 after a two-day search. Authorities said Meyer had apparently drowned in a swampy area at the former Norfolk airport.

Wrentham police, assisted by Norfolk, Plainville, Franklin and Foxboro police, broke up Friday night's party at 25 Kayshaw Drive. All the youths were charged with being minors in possession of alcohol, and two of the suspects were also charged with drug offenses.

Some intensive police legwork led to the raid.

"The school resource officer received some information from Facebook," McGrath said. "Barry McGrath has devoted a lot of time to Facebook and MySpace activity of students at King Philip. This has been going on for a couple of years scrutinizing whatvever he can the activities of high school students, particularly the inappropriate activity of underage drinking.

"In addition to that, there were some town residents who expressed some concern about parties in that area," McGrath said of Kayshaw Drive.

Disturbing to police, the message of the dangers of underage drinking doesn't appear to be getting across to several youths, police say.

"I would say a majority of those arrested were wearing those pink bracelets in memory of Taylor Meyer," McGrath said, adding the rear window of one car had a message dedicated in her memory. "It just kind of struck me the kids arrested, it was kind of ironic and kind of shed some light on how shallow some of those expressions are. When it comes to putting words into action and showing any common sense, they are going out and drinking while underage.

"In some cases it is obvious they intended to drive," McGrath said. "It really doesn't reflect they learned any real lessons. They are like putting up a front they have learned lessons."

Police vow to continue to work to curb the underage drinking.

"Officers in Wrentham, Norfolk and Plainville are making a strong effort to learn about these underage parties and act on this information," McGrath said. "When we hear about a party, we keep an eye out and try to identify underage people."

Unlike in the past when underage drinkers were simply issued summons, "We are arresting them and sending a message we no longer will tolerate it," McGrath added. "If a parents is home, the social host responsibilty law" can be enforced. Parents were home at the latest party.

"We are considering charging them at this point," McGrath said. "That probably will be decided the early part of the week."

Those arrested at the latest party are scheduled to be arraigned in Wrentham District Court Monday.

Friday night, Nov. 7, area police arrested 13 underage people at a drinking party in a secluded but elaborate and well-used shelter off Walnut Street in Plainville. Several were not KP students.

Also, 20 area teenagers were arrested at a party in Norfolk on Saturday night, Nov. 1. That incident at a home on Arnold Road came barely two weeks after Meyer's death. Although seven of those arrested at that party were from the KP towns, they were a separate group from those who attended the Oct. 17 airport party, police said.
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