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Lynn Father Has History Of Offenses, Police Say

BOSTON -- A Lynn man was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol with his infant daughter unsecured in the back seat, according to the Lynn Daily Item.

Police arrested Amilcar Lopez, 21, on Monday after officers observed Lopez illegally pass cars that were stopped at a traffic light.

Lopez, who police say has a history of drunken driving, was charged with operating under the influence, operating under the influence with a child in the car and unlicensed operation of a vehicle -- among other charges, the newspaper reported.
Police said that they when they pulled Lopez over, he "almost fell" when officers asked him to step out of his car. Empty beer bottles and a partially full bottle of beer were found in his car, police said.

Since 2006, Lopez has been arrested three times for motor vehicle offenses, including drunken driving.
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