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FITCHBURG -- Police arrested 10 individuals for alcohol-related crimes Thursday night near Fitchburg State College campus in what Police Chief Robert DeMoura called a continued crackdown on underage drinking.
City police partnered with Fitchburg State College Police to make the arrests, DeMoura said.
DeMoura said the incidents stemmed from complaints to police from parents and neighbors in the area of a party.
When police arrived at the two scenes, officers found house parties where people were serving alcohol to minors at a cost.
"They were charging a fee to come into the party," DeMoura said. "We're going after these places that are selling alcohol to minors."
DeMoura said a liquor license is required to sell alcohol in the city.
DeMoura said police have seen an increased rowdiness in the area since Fitchburg State classes began.
Police responded to 61 Clinton St., around 11:15 p.m. Thursday, according to police reports.
Police arrested seven people, including Eric David Rummel of 5 Bentley Lane, Chemlsford and Nicholas Jordan Bruegger of 169 Pearl St., Fitchburg, for possessing liquor under the age of 21. Cory Michael McCue of 28 Country Lane, Sharon was charged with illegal sale of alcohol and David Lynne, of 1 Oak Hill Lane, Barrington, N.H., Nicholas Russo of 44 Damon Road, Rockland, Richard Michael Russo of 61 Clinton St., Fitchburg and Joseph Rich of 27 Chestnut St., Wakefield were all charged with selling liquor to an individual under the age of 21.

Four minutes later, police records show, officers responded to 197 Highland Ave. where records indicate a "large college party" was under way.
James Wilfred Kergaravat of 197 Highland Ave., Fitchburg and James Anthony Tirabassi of 259 Read St., Attelboro were charged will selling liquor to a person under 21.
At 20 Highland St. at 12:03 a.m., Sean Jerome Reardon of 28 Chestnut St., Gloucester was charged with having an open container, resisting arrest and possessing liquor under the age of 21.
DeMoura said he's also heard concerns about minors using out-of-state fake IDs to enter licensed liquor establishments, which he said police would be cracking down on in future weeks as well. "We're going to continue this initiative weekly," DeMoura said about targeting alcohol-related crimes.

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This is the same Story from the T&G. If you go to the site you can see all the stupid comments the readers leave. What is great is that according to the Fitch Chief - plainclothes cops were lingering in the are just seeing whats up - and the kids invited them in! Told them to either come in and pay and drink - or get out of the driveway. idiots.

Undercover sting brings in nine FSC students


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Nine Fitchburg State College students were arrested at neighborhood keg parties last night after undercover police discovered alcohol was being sold to minors.

Police Capt. Philip J. Kearns Jr. said the operation was undertaken because of complaints from the neighborhood.

Michael V. Shanley, the college president's Executive Assistant for External Affairs, said the nine people arrested last night are all students at the college. The individuals could face penalties on campus in addition to the court system.

"We've worked very hard to educate our students on proper behavior in the neighborhoods as well as the dangers of alcohol abuse," Mr.Shanley said. "They will face possible sanctions here on campus. We have a policy on that kind of behavior and take very seriously our community relations."

Two undercover officers were admitted to a party at 61 Clinton St. and paid $10 for cups which they were told they could refill with beer, Capt. Kearns said. The four occupants of the apartment were arrested for illegal sale of alcohol, as was a fifth person who was in possession of the money.

Nicholas J. Russo, 21, of 44 Damon Road, Rockland; Richard Michael Russo, 21, of 61 Clinton St.; Joseph F. Rich, 22, of 27 Chestnut St., Wakefield; and Cory Michael McCue, 21, of 28 Country Lane, Sharon, were identified as the tenants of the Clinton Street apartment. Each is charged with illegal sale of alcohol.

David Lynne, 23, of 1 Oak Hill Lane, Barrington, N.H., was also charged with illegal alcohol sales, according to police records.

Also arrested at the party were Eric David Rummel, 20, of 5 Bentley Lane, Chelmsford; and Nicholas Jordan Bruegger, 20, of 169 Pearl St. Each was charged with underage possession of alcohol.

Two more arrests were made at a second party last night. The same undercover officers went to 197 Highland Ave. and were told by an occupant they could not loiter outside the property and had to either leave or enter the premises, Capt. Kearns said.

James Wilfred Kergaravat, 23, of 197 Highland Ave., and James Anthony Tirabassi, 22, of 259 Read St., Attleboro, were each charged with illegal sale of alcohol.
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