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Police Investigating Weekend Damage, Theft

PLYMOUTH, Mass. -- Eight houses were trashed during a break-in by vandals at Plymouth Plantation Friday night, police said.

The intruders also looted the replica Pilgrim village of fur pelts, two pieces of reproduction armor and three hatchets, among other items. Plantation officials are still assessing the cost of the vandalism.

Police reports said vandals broke the door bolts on the houses before smashing crockery and slicing hatchet marks on the walls and windows. Six fence sections around the popular attraction were also wrecked.
Plantation staff conducted visitor tours Monday as scheduled. Police said it will be difficult to collect evidence since staff members cleaned the affected areas in advance of tours.

An on-duty security guard reported no disturbances during the overnight hours, and the site's property manager found the destruction Saturday morning.

The vandals also pulled plants out of the garden and burned a book.
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