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Plucky cleaner fights off hungry python

A plucky zoo cleaner has fought off a python which tried to swallow her in
its enclosure.

Cleaner Renate Kaiser, 33, was mopping the floor of the giant tiger
python's enclosure at the zoo in Uhldingen, Germany, when it attacked.

The 14ft long snake which has about 70 sharp teeth and weighs eight
stones, launched a lightning attack on Ms Kaiser's head, according to
German media.

A policeman said: "The snake had its jaws around her face. She was in
danger of slithering down its gullet."

But the brave cleaner fought back. As its powerful coils began to encircle
her. She dug her thumbs into its mouth while zoo staff poured buckets of
warm water down its throat.

It became disorientated and released her.

The effect of the water dulled the snake's sense of smell, while the
thumbs rammed in its mouth caused it pain.

According to the German media, the python, from Africa, can swallow
antelopes and other large animals. Ms Kaiser was treated for bites and
shock in hospital.
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