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Planet of the Arabs: How Hollywood Sees the Middle East watch!

Discussion in 'War on Terror' started by CJIS, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. CJIS

    CJIS MassCops Member

  2. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    didn't Hollyweird rewrite a couple of movies after 9/11 changing the bad guys from terrorists to Nazi's or something stupid like that ?
  3. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    2:49 Best Part of the Montage!! Chuck Norris is so smooth in his ass kickery...
    Your a dead man.
    I'm not afraid to die.. Are you?
    No, Allah protects us.
    Well then this shouldnt hurt...
  4. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Note To Self:
    Don't bother renting "The Sum of All Fears" from Netflix...
    I neednt anymore Political Correctness and revisionist history than I'm already force fed.
  5. WaterPistola

    WaterPistola Subscribing Member

    koz, i made that note to myself years ago when i heard ben affleck was in it
  6. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    Present a positive image of Arabs? How about you do something positive first. You don't see the Swedes blowing themselves up in crowded marketplaces.
  7. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Surprisingly, I haven't read anything by Clancy other than the Hunt for Red October.
    And that because I loved the film so much. I really should order some of his stuff from Amazon.
  8. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    i like the tom clancy stuff with harrison ford in it :) will have to break down and read some of his stuff.
  9. Killjoy

    Killjoy Zombie Hunter

    I've read all of the Tom Clancy books and they are quite good.

    Best : Tie - Red Storm Rising (with Larry Bond): Probably the most realistic description of an all-out conventional war between the US and the old Soviet Union in the mid-eighties. The "Battle for the Atlantic" naval battles are without peer.
    Without Remorse :
    His resident spook's "Mr. Clark" shadowy past loaded with violence, revenge and action. Has one of the most skin-crawling interrogation scenes I've ever read....dive compression used as torture device.

    Worst : Rainbow Six : Tom, stick to big political thrillers, your handling of a supersecret "Special Forces" team is laughable. A spec-ops team selecting Beretta's and MP-10's? Not in this world. I do like the Rainbow Six video games, though.

    Honorable Mention: Debt of Honor : Has some the most incredible air battles in literature. Also predicated the use of airliners as a weapon of mass destruction seven years before it actually occurred.
  10. rg1283

    rg1283 MassCops Member

    Red Storm Rising, rocks. I love how they always end up on the east coast and when their in iceland. I still have that book around here somewhere. I read it in HS.
  11. SOT

    SOT Thread Killa

    I'd be all for a planet of the Arabs, as long as it was the sun....yo!

    Myself, I'm a big Red Dawn fan.

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