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Photo Upload Contest on

Discussion in 'MassCops News' started by Gil, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Gil

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    Photo Upload Contest on
    (Police / Law Enforcement Vehicles Only)

    Simply register as a member of the gallery on , upload quality police vehicle images AND their thumbnail views and WIN! The contest will run till the end of February (2/28/05) On March 1st the user that has upload the most police car photos and or model photos as well as their thumbnail views will win $50.00 the runner up will win $30.00 and third place will pay $10.00.

    All winners will be paid via PayPal on March 3rd 2005, so if you do not have a PayPal account register today.

    Recommended resolutions are 640X480 for photos and 150X113 for thumbnail views. Images smaller that 400 pixels in width will not be counted, I am looking for quality photos. Please refrain from using copy written images from similar sites without permission.
  2. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    Theres always one joker.....

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