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A Korean man who posed as an FBI agent and tried to enter an all-female-occupied house in New Jersey in the middle of night was arrested by the police, Hankook Ilbo reported Friday.

The man, 39, whose last name is Ahn, visited a house in Palisades, New Jersey, which was occupied by four Korean women in their 20s, around 2 a.m. Oct. 14. He showed his fake FBI identification card and asked them to open the door to “investigate” something.

The residents declined, judging that an FBI agent is unlikely to visit a house in the middle of the night. Ahn entered the house, by busting the door. One of the residents called the police. Within 10 minutes, the police arrived at the scene and arrested Ahn.

A police officer in Palisades said, “Apparently, Ahn was trying to uncover information on a certain female resident there. However, none of the women recognized who Ahn was.”

Currently, Ahn is detained at a prison in Bergen County, N.J., for falsely posing himself as a law enforcement officer and illegally entering a privately-owned property as well as robbery. He is on a $70,000 bail.
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