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Phones in the bathroom?

Discussion in 'Dispatch / Communications' started by thebird, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Stark1848

    Stark1848 Guest

    Okay, it IS official... need to get my eyes checked.

    Totally thought you said: "A few years back, in order to make us safer on my shit..." :eek:mg_smile:
  2. Dividedbyzero

    Dividedbyzero MassCops Member

    Both places I work are small departments, and have only one dispatcher on at a time. Both have phones in the dispatch bathroom, but only one has portables available. Wish they both did...
  3. USAMass90

    USAMass90 MassCops Member

    No business lines, 911 lines, or radios in our bathroom. The problem we have at our department is the bathroom is down the hall and not in the immediate area of the dispatch room.

    The worst part is being down the hall and having 911 ringing... If the business line has to ring a few times, so be it. If my guys call me, I'll answer them on the portable & write the necessary information down on the notepad. If they ask me for information, a simple "standby" with the click of the portable & echo of the bathroom is enough to make them understand.

    I've been dispatching for about 3 years and have only missed one 9-1-1 call because i was in the bathroom and just couldn't get to the phone in time (with a full-out sprint). Thank God after only a couple rings it goes to our backup department... Just enough time to get back to the desk to dispatch the call!!

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