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By Julie Shaw
The Philadelphia Daily News

PHILADELPHIA The girlfriend of Eric Floyd - one of three men accused of killing Police Sgt. Stephen Liczbin-ski in May - was held for trial yesterday on hindering apprehension and related charges.
Juanita Stephens allegedly told police that she knew Floyd had planned to rob the Bank of America in the ShopRite, on Aramingo Avenue near Castor, Port Richmond, and knew afterward that a cop was killed when she went to hide with Floyd in an abandoned house in Kingsessing.
"He [Floyd] said me and him would be OK because we would have a couple of dollars after the robbery. . . . He was going to get money from the bank and he would take care of us," Stephens allegedly said in a statement read in court yesterday by Homicide Detective Tracy Byard.
Wearing a long black dress and a head covering, a chunky-cheeked Stephens, 35, who has also used the name Tonya Lynne Stephens and Juanita Stephen, appeared solemn in court. She signed her police statement with the name Juanita Stephens.
In the statement, asked why she was in the Kingsessing house with Floyd, she said: "Because Hash [Floyd] was on the run for the bank robbery and the cop getting killed." She said she knew because Floyd "told me."
As police were searching for Floyd right after the May 3 robbery and shooting, Stephens said she spoke to him on his cell phone and heard police sirens in the background. She said she later met him at a house on West Clearfield Street in North Philadelphia.
Then she and Floyd went to her house on Park Avenue near Erie, in Hunting Park, which she described as "a crack house, dope house, a little bit of everything." She said she "tried to get us some crack to smoke, but I couldn't because I didn't have no money."
She said she then went to the Clearfield Street house to grab a TV and computer and sell them for money and clothes. That night, she and Floyd stayed at an acquaintance's house where they "played cards" and got "high," she said.
The next morning, she said, "this guy Ike" - Isaac Albright - drove her and Floyd to a house in South Philly to get food, then to an abandoned house on Windsor Avenue near 54th Street, in Kingsessing, where they slept and had food brought to them.
Floyd, she said, told her he couldn't believe one of his robbery accomplices, Howard Cain, killed the cop and said he was sorry he got her involved. "I told him not to worry about it because I make my own decisions," she said. Police and FBI captured Stephens and Floyd at the abandoned house May 7.
Municipal Judge Teresa Carr Deni held Stephens for trial on charges of hindering apprehension, obstructing justice and conspiracy. The judge also reduced Stephens' bail from $5 million to $1 million following a request by defense attorney Bernard Siegel, who had argued for bail to be further reduced.
Assistant District Attorney Mark Gilson argued that Stephens, who he said has given authorities 13 aliases, numerous dates of birth, more than 20 addresses and has no job, is a flight risk. He said she has been convicted of drug dealing and prostitution charges.
Albright, 33, is also charged with hindering apprehension and related offenses. Gilson said in court that Albright's attorney, Jack McMahon, has indicated that Albright is expected to waive his preliminary hearing, scheduled for Sept. 16.
Floyd, 33, of North Philadelphia, and Levon Warner, 39, of Mantua, have been held for trial on murder, robbery and conspiracy charges in the bank robbery and the subsequent shooting of Liczbinski, 39, on Schiller Street near Almond.
A third man allegedly involved in the robbery and shooting - Howard Cain, 34, of North Philadelphia - was killed by police May 3. Evidence pointed to Cain as the man who shot Liczbinski five times with an SKS rifle after the officer pursued the alleged robbers stolen Jeep.
Cain's uncle, Mitchell Cain, 48, of West Philadelphia, who police say helped carjack the Jeep, previously waived his preliminary hearing and has been held for trial on charges of carjacking, robbery and related offenses.
Gilson said after yesterday's hearing that he expects one or more of the defendants who aided the robbery or helped Floyd hide to "possibly cooperate" as a prosecution witness against Floyd and Warner.
But he emphasized: "Everybody that was involved in any way, shape or form in the murder of Sgt. Liczbinski is going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." *

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