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Its not just the United States that has a problem with petrol prices going up!!,,40000-217027,00.html

Petrol panic breaks out

Panic buying of petrol and diesel has broken out across the country as motorists prepare
for widespread fuel protests.

Petrol station forecourts all over the UK were packed yesterday and this morning with
people dashing to fill up their cars before the planned protests against rising fuel costs
begin this week.

At some fuel stations, drivers spent an hour or more in queues half a mile long.
At others, fears that fuel supplies will run out by the end of this week were voiced.
This week's demonstrations come five years after mass blockades of refineries brought
the UK to a virtual standstill. Today's campaigners say the situation now is even worse
than it was then.

The average price of a litre of unleaded petrol has reached 95.5p, with many filling stations
charging more than £1 a litre. Average diesel prices are even higher at 97.3p per litre and
most families now pay around £33 a month more on fuel than they did in January of this

While rising world oil prices and damage caused by Hurricane Katrina have contributed to
the rising cost of fuel, British motorists also have to contend with one of the highest
rates of fuel duty in the world. On top of this, we also pay VAT, meaning almost two
thirds of the pump price goes to the Government.

Campaigners from the fuel lobby have now called for cuts to fuel duty to prevent the
crippling of the haulage industry and rocketing bills for ordinary motorists. They have
given the Government until Wednesday morning to act, or they will mobilise protesters
up and down the country.

However, Chancellor Gordon Brown is blaming the oil companies for rocketing prices.
He said the Government would not reduce the price of fuel; instead he demanded that
OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) increase supply.

Ray Holloway, head of the Petrol Retailers' Association, said: 'The Chancellor should stop
distorting the issue by claiming it is a problem caused by OPEC and global oil prices.
'The main issue for us is the difference in tax we pay on fuel here and that paid on the

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I don't Know Cindy our prices have been very slowly going back down I just got gas for $2.97 a gallon down from last weeks $3.39. I'm not going to say anymore I dont want to knock it. I think the whole thing is just one big game played by the Oil industry.

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What really gets me is Diesel. Anybody in the industry or sciences can tell you that Diesel is cheaper in the refinery process (Like Heating Oils) Their just trying to screw Long-haul Truckers, Mercedes-owners, and private contractors with diesel pick ups!

I'm more interested in Home heating Oil getting back below $2.00/gallon. YA RIGHT!!

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