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View: Images Of Abandoned Dogs

This pug is among 90 dogs and puppies were found in deplorable conditions in a Randolph house.

BOSTON (WBZ) ― A Stoughton woman and owner of Missy's Puppyland pleaded guilty Thursday to seven counts of animal cruelty after 89 abandoned dogs and puppies were removed from her home in Randolph last May.

Officials said the abandoned dogs were living in deplorable conditions. Their owner, Linda Stone, is also the owner of Missy's Puppyland, which is now closed.

On Thursday, a judge ordered that 56-year-old Snow not be allowed to own or have contact with animals except two that she said were personal pets.

In addition to animal cruelty charges, Snow also pleaded guilty to one count of destruction of property for allowing animal filth to ruin the home she was leasing.

The dogs were seized by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Police said the dogs and puppies were encased in mats of fecal material and hair and some were malnourished.

ARL officials said the conditions the dogs were in were some of the worst they had ever seen.

"Let's put it this way, there's not a place where a person or an animal could sit, stand or lie down or make any adjustment to get out of filth," said Lt. Alan Borgal with the ARL.

The health department condemned the home.

Officials said most of the animals were puppies, some just days old.

ARL officials were present at Thursday's plea and said they approved of the outcome. Snow was sentenced to three years supervised probation followed by a year of unsupervised probation.

Snow's co-defendant, Mark Zimmerman, also faces charges in the case. He currently has a warrant out for his arrest since he failed to show up to his arraignment in July.

Anyone interested in helping pay for the cost of caring for the animals can do so by sending a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

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What a piece of crap this woman is. She should even be allowed to have the two personal pets she is allowed to have. They should make her live, eat and sleep in crap. Thats all she deserves.
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