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Bethel Township police Officer John Carpenter was recovering at Crozier Chester Burn Center after being indirectly struck by lightning while at work Wednesday night.
Carpenter was leaning against the frame of the bay door at the fire department talking about the violent storms that were rolling through the region.
"I see a flash," Carpenter said. "It was worse than a Taser shot."
The jolt of lightning knocked him to the ground and unconscious.
Rescuers said the lightning fried his radio, damaged the garage door and sent a female firefighter to the hospital with minor injuries.
Carpenter, 22, who also works as a volunteer firefighter, said hospital tests so far have shown no damage.
Carpenter said he feels a little achy in his joints but is eager to get back to work.
"I feel extremely lucky," Carpenter said. "I'm going to go play the lottery."

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