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Pennsylvania music store owner fatally shoots intruder, police say

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Pennsylvania music store owner fatally shoots intruder, police say

Published April 28, 2013
Associated Press
BETHEL PARK, Pa. - Police in western Pennsylvania say a man was shot to death after reportedly brandishing a wooden club in an attack on the owners of a Pittsburgh-area music store.
Police Chief John Mackey told reporters that the 32-year-old man entered Armen's House of Music in Bethel Park shortly before noon Saturday but left after two or three minutes.
Mackey said he went outside to his car and then returned carrying the club, which the chief said he used to strike the wife of the store owner.
Mackey said the owner came to his wife's defense and was also attacked, and the two struggled briefly before the owner pulled a revolver and shot and killed the attacker.

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All is well that ends well. Good Riddance.
Police have released this photo captured from video of the fatal encounter:
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Don't mess with Ray from Ray's Music Exchange. He may be blind but he'll bust a cap at you.
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