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Former East Earl Township police Officer Greg Yarbrough pleaded guilty Thursday morning in Lancaster County court to two counts of making a false report to police.
The 40-year-old was sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service along with court costs.
Yarbrough used a pay phone outside the Wal-Mart in Ephrata in March to make a prank phone call to his wife's cell phone.
During the call he made threats about the two of them.
He later reported the incident to police and implicated associates of his brother-in-law.
Police looked at surveillance video and telephone records to link Yarbrough to the call.
"It was just a stupid mistake," said Yarbrough. "I know it was wrong."
Yarbrough's law enforcement certification will be revoked by the state of Pennsylvania.
Yarbrough was also involved in another incident in June 2007. He told police he was shot during a struggle with a man outside Yarbrough's home.

State police said they are still investigating the matter but have not filed any charges.

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