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Anyone else taking the Penn. State Police Exam this weekend in Hershey?
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Wondering how things went for you in PA? Meant to respond to this thread before you left and wish you luck, but I got tied up with work and a very sick child.

Hope everything went well.

Did you do any site seeing while in Philly (and hopefully NOT in the Temple area!)? The next time you come back, check out South Street if you haven't already, and there is a lot to see/do in Center City.

Curious why you're testing for PSP...I would think that MSP would be more appealing to you (local factor).

At any rate, good luck in all your LE endeavors.
When you make it back to PA, a worthwhile stop for you might be at the FOP on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. They'll take care of you there.

If you decide to go the Marines, all I can say is EXCELLENT choice. My brother said although boot camp was intense, he loved every minute of it and loves being a Marine. Semper Fi!

Hey, who knows...get in with PSP and you may NOT want to leave. PA has a lot to offer and besides the normal BS you have in every big city in every state, it's a beautiful place to live. That's why I'll be leaving PA in a few years and will be moving to NC! :lol: :p

Again, lots of luck to you, and if you want/need advice from anyone on the Philadelphia PD (as far as who to talk to at PSP), let me know and I'll give you the name of a forum of those that can give you some guidance.


Now would not be a good time for anyone to try to apply for a position in the PPD. The city is experiencing layoffs (and yes, that does include the PD), and although his Dishonor (Mayor Street) says patrol will not be affected, nobody believes anything he says.

As for the residency requirement, here is a petition that was just posted on Domelights, the Philly LEO site. Your support to help end this ridiculous requirement in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia would be greatly appreciated:

Support Police Officers In The State of Pennsylvania
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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