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Anyone else taking the Penn. State Police Exam this weekend in Hershey?
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Ahhh I'm more of a Gummy person.. Starburst..skittles..Sour gummy worms are my FAV!

So I'm guessing I'm the only one?!?!?

I'll let you all know how it went......
PA was great..Besides not knowing where the hell i was.. I enjoyed it. The test wasn't bad at all. It was a lot different than MA's. They had the typical common knowledge questions..About 75.. Then about 40 strongly agree to Strong disagree questions, and then a section about being late to high school, work, random questions.. No comprehension or math. There weren’t many people there at all about 50. I took it at Temple University. I should here back within the next month they said. I'll keep you guys informed. Thanks for the support.

One thing that kinda bugged me.. They actually wear there chin straps.. Like right under there lip. I was like WTF? It was kinda dumb looking. I know MSP wear it on top of their hats or underneath depending on the hat.. So I was a little bothered by this..LOL
Well I'm not a Vet. So unless I run and join the marines i have a reall small shot of getting on in MA. i took the test before I started working for the dept. im at now and got a 90. So I know what my chances are. I was thinking I would try out a few other states and maybe come back as a lateral transfer. If not it's off to Basic training.
My ultimate goal is the MSP. I mean come on.. who can't get enough of the french and electric blues...LOL :p

I didn't get to do much. Yeah the Temple area isnt the greatest. i was only there for a day. I'd like to go back soon though. I can honestly say everyone was so nice. I was talking to a guy who was nice enough to help me and I was like ya know if we were in MA... I would have gotten told to go F*&^ myself six times by now..LOL
Alrighty....So I just got my letter back from PSP. I know I passed because they set up an Oral Exam for March 6th..but they didn't say what my actual score was....I'm assuming they do things like CT...after all the interviews then they inform you of your previous score plus added on points for your final score... Why can't mass be more like that....
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